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Teaching the Next Generation of Cultivators in Spain

The eco-sustainable El Aljibillo farm in Spain, established by the Baños Molina family, recently hosted open days for schoolchildren and a workshop hosted by Svensson on crop protection.

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In conversation with…Harry Brockoff

He was the CFO of Dutch Flower Group for more than twenty years. Dutch Flower Group is a unique family of more than thirty specialized trading companies that together serve the international floriculture industry. In the summer of 2022, Harry handed over the baton to Joost Gietelink. We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Harry ton learn more about his career, sustainability in floriculture, and vision for the future.

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Basics to determine the right level of light for your crop

Generally speaking, there are four climate factors that influence plant growth: light, temperature, humidity and CO2 content. In addition to the fact that each element influences plant growth, they are also strongly interconnected. Light in floriculture is all about finding the right balance: not too much, not too little, and for optimal crop growth, diffused light is preferred. Learn how growers can accurately determine which light level is right for their crop in our guide "The effect of varying levels of diffused light in floriculture".​

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Windmill nursery reduces temperatures in polytunnels with innovative screen solution

What makes a customer really, really happy? For Michael Roe of Windmill Nursery, it comes down to delivering more than a customer hoped for. Using a one of a kind screen solution, Michael was able to reduce temperatures and humidity during the hot summer months in Louisiana.

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In conversation with… Marcel Dries

Marcel Dries has been an Energy Advisor at AAB for over ten years. At AAB, he guides and advises companies on contracting, futures trading, energy analyzes and budgets. Marcel specializes in technology, maintenance, lease and purchase contracts for energy installations, such as CHP. He does all this with enthusiasm and conviction.

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Eventos y Exposiciones

GreenTech Americas 2023

On March 21, 22 & 23, GreenTech Americas 2023 will take place in Querétaro, Mexico. You will have the opportunity to meet our experts to talk about our climate solutions to improve the climate inside your Greenhouse and the quality of your crops. See you in booth 426.

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A Grower's Climate

Some businesses still work with a minimum tube of 40 degrees, or a screen gap for humidity of 5% or more, Ton Habraken, Greenhouse Climate Expert at Svensson, concludes. “Not necessary, and definitely not when combined with our ClimaFlow System, which works much more effectively and more affordably.

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The advantages of double energy screens

The use of double energy screens is not a new concept among greenhouse cultivators. Due to rising energy prices and the goal to be carbon-neutral by 2040, using double energy screens to reduce costs and improve the greenhouse climate is already a standard practice for growers around the world.

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Let us introduce: Joan Elise Hoefsloot

Joan has been part of our team since September 2022, as global product manager. She helps to monitor the quality of our products and processes. She keeps an international eye on whether everything is going according to Svensson's standards. How does she do that? What does she think of her role, and of the horticulture sector? Time to catch up with Joan!

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Flor y Miel creates a better climate for flowers with Luxous and Harmony

Flor y Miel, a company located in Cuautla, Morelos, Mexico, has the capacity to produce 140,000 orchids and anthuriums annually. We interviewed Fernando Aguerrebere, owner of the project, and Moisés Rosas Zamora, grower in Flor y Miel. Together they told us how with our climate screens, Luxous and Harmony, they were able to improve the climate inside the greenhouses and the quality of their plants.

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'Working more sustainably and better product quality'

To build an exemplary company and emerge as a leader in the kalanchoe sector; that was André Lankhaar's goal when he expanded into Bleiswijk last year. That’s the same reason he decided to invest in a ClimaFlow System from Svensson. This dehumidification and ventilation system enables Lankhaar to reduce his energy costs, better control his greenhouse climate, and improve product quality.

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Svensson & AGCULTURE enter global partnership

To support the horticulture sector in solving climate, light and energy control challenges, Svensson and AGCULTURE have formed a global partnership. With this collaboration, both companies aim to serve the market with their expertise and premium quality solutions.

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