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Pulling in the Screen

Aluminum screens should be installed with the shiny side up. On non-aluminum screens, the upper side is indicated with a text or sticker. “THIS SIDE DOWN” is printed on the profile sides of the screen. When the screen is correctly installed, while standing inside the greenhouse, you should be able to read the Svensson logo and the product family name.

Correctly Pulling in the Screen

Correctly Pulling in the Screen


  • The best way to pull in is by using as little tension as possible. We recommend using a steel tube in a holder with bearings or a Teflon holder to pull in the screens with minimum friction. This will reduce the stretching of the screen while pulling it in.

    Note: Foil rolling devices are not recommended as they can damage the screen.

  • When pulling in the screen, make sure that the angle is greater than 110°, and the screen is pulled over a smooth plastic tube Ø 125 mm or larger.

  • Facilitate unrolling the screen by guiding it at both sides manually.

  • While pulling in, we recommend keeping the screen as wide as possible; this helps maintain the screen's structure.

Pulling-in Wide

Pulling-in Wide


  • While pulling in the screens, watch out for sharp objects like heating installations, crop-hooks, profiles, etc.

  • *Unless pieces are cut to length when there is more than one sheet on a roll, you’ll find two blue lines marking the border between the sheets.

    In between these lines, you will find a tape with a white cutting line. The screen can be cut along the cutting line with a hot knife or power scissors.

    (*) for the American markets, pieces are always cut to length
Hot knife or power scissors

Hot knife or power scissors

Sliding Screen Installation Recommendations

Sliding Screen Installation Recommendations

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