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Recommendations for cleaning Svensson screens

An easy way to always get the most out of your Svensson screen is to keep it clean. Dust can be rinsed off while getting rid of algae growth can seem more tricky. But there is a really simple solution.

The main cause of algae growth is a continuous humid or wet screen that never gets the chance to dry out. Closing the screen during colder nights means condensation in the morning and a wet screen. When bundling it wet, it won’t dry out and you will eventually get algae growth. Our general advice is to partially open the screen during the daytime allowing it the chance to dry. By doing so you will prevent the growth of algae; for a screen that’s already polluted the radiation of the sun will kill the current algae growth. However, in some cases this may not be enough and the use of chemicals may be necessary. Chemicals should always be used in modest amounts, as to not affect the screen. To prevent shortening the life span of the screen, don’t apply using high pressure. Svensson recommends the following products:

H2O2 - Hydrogen peroxide

Dilute the hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) according to instructions from supplier. When applied on the screen, the solution will be active as a detergent as long as the screen remains wet. When the screen is drying the hydrogen peroxide vaporizes into water (H2O) and oxygen (O2). There is no need to rinse the detergent off the screen.

Other products

We do NOT recommend the use of any other products or solutions aside from the ones mentioned above for the cleaning of Svensson screens. If other products are used, consider the following precautions in order to reduce damages to the screen:

  • Following treatment, thoroughly rinse the screen with clean water
  • Do not apply the product on a warm, sunny day
  • The use of products containing chloride or sulfur highly increase the risk of damaging the screen and shorten its life time

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