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Pot plants testimonials


Aibida reduce energy cost for potted mini rose

Company: Aibida
Location: Yinchuan, Ningxia
Climate needs: Maximize energy-saving and prevent intense light in summer
Svensson Solutions: Obscura 10070 WB+BW, Luxous 1347 FR, Harmony 6520 O

Quality and Productivity: two factors that go hand-in-hand for Könst

Company: Flores la Serena
Location: Facatativá, Colombia
Climate Needs: Light management
Svensson Solution: Harmony ǀ Tempa

Ven Flor

Climate screens guarantee the production of orchids to the Brazilian market

Company: Floricultura Brazil
Location: Holambra – Sao Paolo – Brazil
Climate Needs: Temperature reduction
Svensson Solutions: Solaro | Obscura | Tempa

Ven Flor

High solar radiation is a factor that affects all crops equally, including ornamental plants

Company: Plantulas de Tetela
Location: Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico
Climate Needs: Decreasing the incoming radiation
Svensson Solution: Solarwoven

 Long Island Horticultural Research

Total Insect Exclusion allows vital Impatiens walleriana research to proceed

Company: Cornell University Long Island Horticultural Research and Extension Center
Location: Riverhead, NY, USA
Climate Needs: Thrip Control
Svensson Solution: Econet

Dave Wilson Nursery

Light diffusion, dual temperature regulation, and pest exclusion

Company: Dave Wilson Nursery  
Location: Hickman, CA, USA
Climate Needs: Temperature and insect control
Svensson Solution: Harmony ǀ Econet

Dümmen Orange grower

Climate control that meets the requirements of world leading grower

Company: Dümmen Orange
Location: Central America
Climate Needs: Temperature Reduction and insect control
Svensson Solution: Econet, Harmony

Ter Laak grower

Climate control for ideal growing conditions

Company: Ter Laak Orchids
Location: Wateringen, The Netherlands
Climate Needs: Energy savings & temperature reductions 
Svensson Solution: Harmony ǀ Obscura ǀ Solaro ǀ Luxous

Tianjin Binhai Park

Big in Tianjin

Company: Tianjin Binhai International Flower Science & Technology Park
Location: Tianjin, China
Climate Needs: Energy savings, light management
Svensson Solution: Solaro ǀ Luxous ǀ Obscura ǀ Tempa

Dümmen Orange's El Salvador

An optimal balance between ventilation and effective insect exclusion

Company: Dümmen Orange
Location: El Salvador, Central America
Climate Needs: Insect control combined with ventilation
Svensson Solution: Econet

Randy's Greenhouses

Light management and heat retention screens provide a short payback

Company: Randy's Greenhouses
Location: Kalamzoo, Michigan, USA
Climate Needs: Energy savings, light managment
Svensson Solution: Harmony ǀ Obscura


Ven Flor

Climate control with adequate light

Company: Ven Flor
Location: Holambra, Brazil
Climate Needs: Temperature reduction
Svensson Solution: Tempa

No sunburnt Hydrangea branches under New Harmony

Company: Weerdenburg Hortensia
Location: De Kwakel, the Netherlands
Climate Needs: Temperature reductions and light control
Svensson Solution: Harmony


Rijnplant creates optimal climate with the help of three screen cloths

Company: Rijnplant Nursery
Location: De Lier, Netherlands
What climate is needed: Proper amount of light, not too low plant temperature, direct day-night transition.
Svensson's climate solution: A combination of outdoor, energy and blackout cloths and insect netting. A complete solution for Rijnplant.

Van der Voort

Faster growth with more shoots and better uniformity

Company: Mart van der Voort & Zn
Location: 's-Gravenzande, The Netherlands
What climate is needed: Proper amount of light, high humidity, warm.
Svensson's climate solution: HARMONY 7247 FR screen cloth, LUXOUS 1547 D FR energy cloth

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