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How well do you know your crop? Light in floriculture is all about finding the right balance: not too much, not too little, and for optimal crop growth, diffused light is preferred. When determining the right light levels, it is imperative that you know your crop to thrive the success of your greenhouse. Remember: no two crop types are the same.

Growers in greenhouse horticulture constantly look for the right balance between the amount of light (quantity) and the type of light (quality).

With PARperfect growers can continuously control the screen level in the greenhouse, from 20% to 100%, just like a light dimmer. PARperfect creates maximum diffused light and ensures that the light is evenly distributed over the plants. This ensures that the crop always receives the correct radiation all year round.

We have developed our guide "The effect of varying levels of diffused light in floriculture", you will learn how growers can accurately determine which light level is right for their crop.

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