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Headquarters and production in Kinna, Sweden
Headquarters and production in Kinna, Sweden

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Sweden - Corporate Headquarters

AB Ludvig Svensson
A: Bangatan 8
511 82 Kinna
T: +46 320 20 92 00


The Netherlands

Ludvig Svensson BV
A: Marconiweg 2
3225 LV Hellevoetsluis
T: +31 181 39 26 66


China, People’s Republic of

Shanghai Ludvig Svensson Hort. Equip Ltd
A: No. 239, Xinji Road
Qingpu 201700, Shanghai
P.R. China
T: +86 21 6921 2020


United States of America

Ludvig Svensson Inc.
A: 535 Griffith Road
Charlotte, NC 28217
T: +1 704 357 0457


South Korea

Svensson Korea Ltd
A: Bundanggu Gumi-dong 18, Sigma 2 C-820
463-808 Kyungkido Seongnamsi
T: +82 70 7700 5704


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