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Preventing higher gas consumption when purchasing LED lighting

Due to the high energy prices last winter, many growers left their SON-T lighting off or only continued with LED, even if they had a hybrid installation. But LED emits much less radiant heat, which can reduce the heat input in the greenhouse by up to 40 percent. This lower heat input must then be partially compensated by extra heat in the heating pipes. A second energy screen in combination with vertical fans can largely compensate for this, says climate consultant Bart Bakker. 

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Greenhouse trials reveal the efficiency of Svensson's insect control screens against thrips

In order to find a solution to the thrips control problem, Gomalor, a greenhouse dedicated to the production of peppers, located in Tuxpan, Jalisco, decided to conduct trials with Svensson's insect control nets, during the 2022-2023 production cycle. Based on the positive results obtained during the trials, for the 2023-2024 cycle, Gomalor made the decision to fully equip its new expansion with Svensson climate solutions.

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Project highlighted: Luxous 1147 FR replacement at Gebr. J. & W. van Wijk

In 2021, after 15 years, the climate screen at tomato grower Wouter van Wijk from Bleiswijk, Netherlands was due for replacement. For his new screen, he chose Svensson’s Luxous 1147 FR. Why? “To save as much energy as possible,” says Wouter. A fresh, new, bright screen - and he notices that. "I can leave it closed longer."

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The perfect duo: Xsect Balance and Groundcover create an optimal climate in a Mexican greenhouse dedicated to tomato production

Aware of the challenges they face in terms of pest and weed control, El Chapoteadero, a greenhouse dedicated to tomato production in the state of Puebla, Mexico, has found in Svensson's climate solutions, such as the Xsect Balance and Groundcover, key elements to ensure the success of their operation. These climate solutions have proven to be highly effective, providing an optimal climate for crop growth.​

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Saving energy in cucumber cultivation

Two years ago, one of the greenhouses at The Valley in De Lier switched from tomato to high-wire cucumber cultivation. At the same time, the entrepreneurs stopped using full lighting. In order to maintain a sufficient temperature in the greenhouse and also to save energy, they invested in a second screen at the beginning of this year; the Luxous 1147 FR screen from Svensson.

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