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Get the most out of your Firebreak screen

Firebreak screens are intended to limit panel-to-panel fire spread. Keeping the screens as horizontal as possible will contribute to their performance in case of fire.

Further safety instructions and recommendations:

  • Plastic support wires will melt in a fire and may cause the screen to fall down. To keep the screen sufficiently horizontal, use coated steel support wires with a diameter of at least 2.5 mm that will not be compromised by flames, max. 4 m (13.12 ft) apart, replacing the standard plastic wires. Make sure these wires do not fall or hang down in case of fire.

  • The first and last support wires should always be (coated) steel wires, and covered with a plastic tube to prevent damage to the screen.

  • Push-pull tubes or drive cables can also support the screen in case of fire. For this they should be max. 4 m (13.12 ft) apart and supported to prevent the tubes/cables from falling during a fire.

  • Use screen weights or a chain or something similar to prevent the beginning and end of each panel from being pulled over the end wire.

  • During fire the screen fabric has a tendency to shrink. Make sure that both the back edge and the leading edge will not come loose during fire, but remain connected to the leading edge profile or tube and truss or steel support wire.

  • Cold air pockets or perimeter seals at the sides of the installation should be made of flame retardant material to prevent fire spreading to the adjacent panels.

Always keep screens away from:

  • Flames
  • Sparks
  • Welding
  • Heating units
  • Electrical devices
  • Any device that can cause a spark or flame





Screens with "FR" in the name should be used in all installations where a flame retardant screen is required.


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