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Finishing the Screen

When the screen is mounted correctly with the extra material, the middle of the overhang is longer than at the truss and profile side. The extra mounted material is necessary for the operation of the screen. Cutting of the screen with a hot knife must also be done in the same shape.

  • When the length of a panel needs to be adjusted, use a hot knife or power scissors to cut the end indicated by the arrows marked: “cut this end”.

  • We recommend using Horticultural Textile 42 FR, 98 FR WBW or 100 FR for the overhang.

    This will make the overhang more hard wearing. It also helps prevent damage and twisted stripes, in turn limiting energy and light leakage.

Extra material at a correct overhang

Overhang made of Horticultural Textiles 42, 98 W/B/W or 100 FR

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