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Other Crop Testimonials

Manipulation of climatic conditions for grafted seedlings

Company: Plantanova 
Location: Tuxpan, Mexico
Climate Needs: Temperature and insect control
Svensson Solution: Tempa ǀ Econet

High-value hops thrive under Svensson screens

Company: Midwest Hop Producers
Location: Plattsmouth, Nebraska, USA
Climate Needs: Temperature reduction & insect control
Svensson Solution: Harmony

Russian grower reflects on his climate

Company: Agrokombinat Teplichny OJSC
Location: Karasunsky District of Krasnodar, Russia
Climate Needs: Energy savings, improved transparency 
Svensson Solution: Harmony ǀ Luxous

Kwekerij Verboom

Kwekerij Verboom: The diffuse PARperfect climate screen results in a beautiful uniform crop.

Company: Nursery Verboom
Location: Zevenhuizen, Netherlands
What climate is needed? Diffuse light and energy saving
Svensson's climate solution:  PARperfect

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