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The key to a better climate

To suit different growing conditions, our climate screens come in more than 100 different variants. They are divided into five families according to their main features. This makes the selection process easier and more accurate.

Within each climate family, each screen is described with four digits – expressing its light transmission and energy saving values. In addition, letters from the alphabet are used to identify the exact variant of the screen and any special features. A few examples:





Harmony 32 15 O E FR  
Luxous 13 45 D R    
Obscura 100 75     FB A+B
Solaro 78 30 O R FR  
Tempa 65 60   C A FR  



Climate Family
The family names describes the main function and features of the product.

The first two digits represent its shading level in direct sunlight.

Energy saving
The second two digits express its energy saving.

The feature of a screen can be O for Open or D for Diffuse. The abbreviation for technology reducing formation of condensation droplets is H2no.

The following letters are used to define the type of application; C for Cabriolet, A for Abri, DW for Double Wire, and these come in different combinations. R is Rolling and screens for Exterior use have an E.

Fire safety
FR is Flame Retardant while FB is Firebreak. Firebreak screens are designed to prevent screen-to-screen fire spread with a firebreak strip on each side of every panel. As fire safety standards differ from market to market, please ask your Svensson representative for advice.

The last letter represents the color of the strip. A is Aluminum, B is Black, G for Green, O for Orange and W stands for White. The colors come in combinations for example A/W defines a screen with aluminum on the upper side and white strips on the lower.




Product key

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