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Svensson introduces 3 new solutions

Svensson launches three new solutions with a focus on energy saving and crop quality: Energy Monitor, ENERGYperfect & PARperfect Cooling



Cultivating energy savings

Around the world, growers are faced with the challenge of reducing their energy consumption while also creating the perfect climate for their crops to flourish. At Svensson, we strive to support growers in saving energy while balancing their climate.


Rebates available to growers in the
United States and Canada




Challenge Accepted! We are here to help growers navigate any challenge



Svensson News and Events

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Agro Orchids achieves an optimal climate for orchid cultivation in Costa Rica with Svensson's climate screens

Agro Orchids Costa Rica, a family-owned company dedicated to the production of Phalaenopsis Orchids, has successfully overcome climate challenges through the strategic implementation of Svensson's climate screens: Tempa, Luxous, Obscura, and Harmony. With over 15 years of experience, these screens have become key elements in creating an optimal climate within their greenhouses and growing orchids of the highest quality.​

More savings and a better climate with dual screens

For the past two years, growers of tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers have been rapidly switching to a double climate screen solution, influenced by higher gas prices and government tax incentives. Growers can choose from various options: a double energy screen, a combination of a blackout screen and energy screen, or a solution with an extra summer screen. The energy savings can be up to 70%.

Magnus Hallin curates a library of decades of shade cloth samples

Behind the screens: The Golden Library

Behind the screens at Svensson there is a library of samples of knitted shade screens stretching back over the decades. Magnus Hallin carefully curates each sample, which may represent a breakthrough or a misstep, years of work and testing, and vital knowledge to apply to research and innovation.

Climaflow – the solution to accelerate your growing climate

ClimaFlow, a solution that combines Hinova’s VentilationJet System®, and Svensson’s advisory service, Climate House.

Luxous H2no - Bring in the light

Condensation droplets on your climate screens cause an 8% reduction in light.  Svensson’s renewed H2no technology transforms these condensation droplets into a film of water, and thus prevents light from being lost.

Consciously growing together.

Over four decades, Svensson has increased production and improved crop quality globally. But we are also helping growers worldwide to create a better climate for sustainable greenhouse cultivation with reduced climate impact.

Luxous Eco important step towards circular greenhouse horticulture

The pressure is increasing with new, tightened climate plans. Glasshouse horticulture is the only sector in the manufacturing industry in the Netherlands to achieve all climate targets in 2020.

PDI - A family business with vision and courage

They are natural talents who have made their family businesses great through hard work. The practice was their school and not so much the school desk. Peter Dekker turned PDI into a global player. Bert van Ruijven of Arcadia had the vision and courage to go for disbudded chrysanthemum. Patriarchs who now make their (life) experience available to a new generation.

From analyzing data to optimizing cultivation

Data is becoming increasingly valuable, also in greenhouse horticulture. That is no longer news. To measure is to know, but what do you know exactly? In addition to the data itself, the interpretation of data is just as important.

New leadership at Ludvig Svensson Mexico

Jorge González, currently Sales Manager LATAM, is appointed new General Manager of Ludvig Svensson SA de CV in Mexico.

Can greenhouse horticulture save the climate? Or will the climate save greenhouse horticulture?

Greenhouse horticulture is using energy more and more efficiently. It is mainly due to increased productivity and innovations in the energy field. Energy-saving, therefore, remains of crucial importance. At the same time, greenhouse horticulture benefits from climate change.

Svensson expands its Warehouse and Production Facility in Mexico

Svensson expanded its footprint with the formation of the newly established Ludvig Svensson SA de CV, and the opening of a new production facility in Guadalajara, Mexico

GreenTech 2023

Welcome at GreenTech Amsterdam - Stand 05.218

13 - 14 - 15 June | Amsterdam RAI

ACT Group to host virtual "Ask Us Anything" event on June 7

The ACT Group is hosting a virtual "Ask Us Anything" event on June 7, 2023, focused on sharing best practices in precision growing for fruit and vegetable production. The event will cover various topics, including climate control, lighting, nutrient management, pest and disease control, and automation. 

Fruit Logistica 2023

On 8 | 9 | 10 February Fruit Logistica will take place in Berlin. Svensson will of course be there. We welcome you to our stand in Hall 3.2 - B-34

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Every climate is dependent on the crop you´re growing. When every plant counts, count on Svensson for a better climate! See our Testimonals and read more about what other growers are saying about their Svensson climate screen solution and also discover our tips and tricks for your crop at Crop tips.

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