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Even and stable light level with PARperfect at Kwekerij Bergcamp

Pot plant growers Robert and Walter van den Berg left nothing to chance with the recent construction of a 4.3 hectare greenhouse. Only the best systems were good enough and for that reason, the brothers opted for the PARperfect screen solution from Svensson.

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In conversation with… Gretchen Schimelpfenig

Gretchen Schimelpfenig is one of those people who seem to fit more into their working week than many of us find time for in a month. She works with greenhouse owners on energy projects and accessing rebates and grants, and runs Cornell University’s GLASE Consortium on greenhouse lighting and control, speaks at green industry conferences, and plays first fiddle in the Hildegard String Quartet. From a Vermont forest home, she manages to combine an engineer’s optimism, with a deep-felt mission to reduce the climate impact of horticulture and the built world.

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ACT Announces Upcoming Michigan Rebates Workshop to be held on August 14

Members of the ACT group—Philips Horticulture LED Solutions, Priva, and Svensson—are delighted to invite Michigan greenhouse growers to an educational event titled "Efficient Harvests: Unlocking Energy Rebate Opportunities for Michigan Growers." This workshop is designed to educate growers on regional rebate and incentive programs that support energy-efficient purchases in their greenhouses.

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In Conversation with… Peet van Adrichem

He is still actively involved in HortiTech, but now that he is approaching retirement age, he mainly focuses on preparing 'his boys'. In our conversation with Peet van Adrichem we discuss how the company uses Dutch expertise worldwide to stimulate the agricultural sector.

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More Ontario light abatement projects to qualify for funding as Enbridge Gas broadens incentive program, boosts potential savings

Growers in Leamington and other regions of Ontario can now benefit from incentives for light abatement screens that previously didn’t qualify under the Enbridge Gas Agriculture Custom Incentive Program.

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Dian Smith Joins Ludvig Svensson North America as General Manager

Ludvig Svensson North America is excited to announce the appointment of Dian Smith as the new General Manager, effective June 3rd.

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"Svensson's PARperfect solution perfectly suits our flexibility needs in seedling cultivation." - Zhan Ruiqi of Tangchao

The Xiamen Tangchao Horticultural Breeding Center is preparing for the 2024 Xiamen International Flower Trials, aiming to showcase top-tier flower varieties. Leveraging advanced climate control technology from Svensson, they prioritize delivering high-quality seedlings and optimizing greenhouse functionality. Recognized for their seedling quality and sustainable practices, Tangchao remains committed to collaboration for further growth and expansion.

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In conversation with… Ad van Kester

There are some big names in tomato growing that you simply cannot ignore – one key example is Agro Care. With branches in four countries, seven locations and a team of 2,500 employees, Agro Care is an important player in the European tomato market. They grow tomatoes all year round, strive for sustainability and value collaboration. Ad van Kester is the Operational Director at Agro Care. He is responsible for Dutch production and plays a crucial role in the strategy and activities of this leading greenhouse horticulture company. How does he view the market? The trends and developments? And of course the globalization of the sector?

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In Almería, more and more traditional greenhouses are improving technologically, and producers are noticing the changes

Agriculture, especially greenhouse production, represents an important economic pillar for Almeria, thanks to its extensive greenhouse area. Experts like Nelson Pérez bring valuable knowledge to the agricultural industry. The interview given by Nelson to Antonio del Rosal, editor of AgroDifusión, during his participation in AgroRadio, provides a unique opportunity to share with growers all about Svensson's Climate Solutions.​

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A new blog for growers in the world’s warm climates from Svensson's consultants

Welcome to our new blog! We are excited to present this space dedicated to growers in the areas with the warmest climates in the world, where we will share tips, trial data, and innovative solutions to face the unique challenges that these regions present.

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Events & Exhibitions

GreenTech 2024

Welcome at GreenTech Amsterdam - Stand 05.218

11 - 12- 13 June | Amsterdam RAI

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In conversation with… Sjaak Bakker

Sjaak Bakker was manager of the Greenhouse Horticulture and Flower Bulbs business unit at Wageningen University & Research (WUR) until the end of 2022. Although he recently retired, he is still actively involved in the work. WUR is currently renovating the greenhouses where research and tests are carried out. Due to his extensive experience and expertise, WUR has asked Sjaak to help coordinate these innovations, at least until the end of 2024. He is therefore still using his knowledge and skills to successfully lead this process.

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