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Project Highlighted: KP Holland

KP Holland, a well-known producer in the world of breeding and plant nurseries, recently purchased the greenhouse from its neighbor in De Lier and thoroughly renovated it. Roy van der Knaap shares his enthusiasm about the transformation of the greenhouse, including the installation of brand new climate screens. The installation was carried out by Peter Dekker Installations (PDI).

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‘I had a hunch, but not that we would cut a week to ten days off our growing time' – Michael Vietti of Sunridge

“Talk to the professionals and try something new,” he says. “Slowly transition by doing side-by-side trials. Start with just one bay and see how it goes,” he adds. When the Svensson Harmony trial results were in and Michael Vietti realized the hunch had paid off, he decided he didn’t want to keep what he’d learned to himself.

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Darwin Colombia optimizes the climate of its greenhouses for successful production of ornamental plant cuttings

Today, with 8 hectares of greenhouses, Darwin Colombia has been a leader in Colombia's agricultural sector since its establishment in 2002. The company specializes in the production of ornamental plant cuttings for export. We had the opportunity to interview Carlos Martínez, R&D Director at Darwin Colombia, who told us how Svensson has become a great ally for Darwin with the climate screens and insect control nets, contributing to Darwin's success in the management of its greenhouses.​

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The Newgrange Mound

The NEN Test: A vital sign for growers with an ancient echo from 3000BC

Today’s NEN direct and diffuse light transmittance test helps growers get the best harvest, like a surprising echo of ancient wisdom from 5000 years ago.

Then, stone age farmers in Ireland went to great lengths, and moved a lot of soil and stone, to devise a test that would reveal the precise timing of the Spring and Autumn equinox.

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In conversation with… Philippe-Antoine Taillon

For this edition of our “In Conversation with…” series, we interviewed Philippe-Antoine Taillon, Expert advisor in greenhouse vegetable and fruit crops with the Quebec Ministry of Agricultural Fisheries and Food of Quebec (MAPAQ). A Quebecois who travels the state advising growers on the support they can receive as part of Quebec’s Feed our World policy, Philippe-Antoine Taillon has a key role in implementing three rebate policies for regional horticulture.

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Project highlighted: Van den Broek

Paul van den Broek, alongside his parents, oversees the family-operated greenhouse in Holland. Traditionally focused on tomato cultivation, they sought a solution to regulate humidity within their greenhouse. This led Paul to ClimaFlow, Svensson's vertical airflow system. Following its installation, Paul noticed numerous advantages and has since integrated ClimaFlow into their cultivation of eggplants.

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Exploring Solarwoven: A closer look at the greenhouse workhorse

In the world of greenhouse coverings, Solarwoven stands out for its durability and versatility. Used across tens of thousands of hectares globally, it's not just a simple plastic screen – it's a vital tool for growers. But why and how are they using it?

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Soft, balanced light for uniform crops

At PanAmerican Seed, one simple question comes first: which innovative products can we develop to make your company more successful? The answer to that question is to listen carefully to the customer's current and future wishes. In order to respond optimally to this, the company invested in modern new greenhouse departments and the PARperfect screen solution from Svensson was chosen.

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Eventos y Exposiciones

GreenTech Americas 2024

Join us at GreenTech Americas 2024, where our team of experts will be available to discuss innovative climate solutions to optimize your greenhouse climate and crop quality. Meet us at booth 426!

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In conversation with… Steven van Schilfgaarde

We are excited to kick off our 2024 series 'In conversation with. In this series, we share inspiring conversations we have had with people from horticulture industry, who help determine the course of this fascinating sector. For the first edition, we had the honor of interviewing Steven van Schilfgaarde, CEO of Royal FloraHolland. 

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Our 2024 North American rebates guides are now available!

In our 2024 guide, we've gathered a list of essential rebate programs available to greenhouse growers across 14 states and provinces in North America. Download the guide for your region here and learn more about how you can upgrade your greenhouse equipment while putting money back in your pocket.

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Project highlighted: Buysman Herbs

Sustainability is an important theme for Paul Buysman. Of course it is imperative to save energy, but Paul's motivation goes a step further. “I think it is important to be involved in the world. We all have our responsibility to our community.” That is why Paul recently chose the premium climate screen Luxous 1147 Eco FR , which is partly made from recycled material. Learn more about his motivations and experience, as well as that of Aad Alsemgeest from Dutch installer, Alweco.

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