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Tomato testimonials

Naturesweet grower

At NatureSweet, Xsect Balance is essential for production

Company: NatureSweet Tomatoes
Location: Tuxcacuesco, Jal, Mexico
Climate Needs: Temperature, humidity, insect control
Svensson Solution: Xsect


Higher yields using high porosity insect control screens

Company: NatureSweet Tomatoes
Location: Colima, Mexico
Climate Needs: Temperature, humidity, insect control
Svensson Solutions: Harmony ǀ Xsect


Better technologies provide better whitefly pest control

Company: Eco Agri Tec
Location: Cd Fernández, Mexico
Climate Needs: Insect control with increased ventilation
Svensson Solution: Xsect ​

Agros Tomato Greenhouse

An insect screen solution with exceptional performance and a long service life

Company: Agros Tomate
Location: Querétaro, Mexico
Climate Needs: Insect control, temperature reduction, humidity control
Svensson Solution: Xsect

Hortalizas La Gracia grower

Higher yields in TOV production increasing ventilation throughout the growing cycle

Company: Hortalizas La Gracia
Location: Puebla, Pue, Mexico
Climate Needs: Temperature, humidity and insect control
Svensson Solution: Xsect

Horipolaris grower

Reducing energy costs is key for vegetable growing in North China

Company: HortiPolaris
Location: Miyun, Beijing
Climate Needs: Energy savings, shading, light diffusion & light control
Svensson Solution: Obscura ǀ Harmony ǀ Luxous

Romera y Bonilla

Climate control at all times with two screens

Company: Romera y Bonilla
Location: El Ejido, Spain
Climate Needs: Energy savings, temperature and light control
Svensson Solution: Harmony ǀ Luxous 

Naturesweet grower

Way to grow, Mucci Farms!

Company: Mucci Farms
Location: Kingsville, Ontario
Climate Needs: Energy saving, temperature and light control
Svensson Solution: Luxous ǀ Harmony ǀ Obscura

Naturesweet greenhouse tomato

‘Best is the standard’ at NatureSweet Tomatoes – for both the climate and crop

Company: NatureSweet
Location: Colima, Mexico
Climate Needs: Temperature, humidity, insect control
Svensson Solution: Xsect ǀ Harmony

Veggie Prime grower

Efficient heat savings during the winter

Company: Veggie Prime
Location: Querétaro, Mexico
Climate Needs: Temperature reduction
Svensson Solution: Harmony

Dukker Brothers

Saving energy to optimize the growth climate

Company: Dukker Vine Tomatoes
Location: Tinte, The Netherlands
Climate Needs: Saving energy to optimize the growth climate
Svensson Solution: Luxous 1147 FR 

Theo Ammerlaan

Better climate control with the new Luxous 1147 FR

Company: Themato
Location: Berkel en Rodenrijs, The Netherlands
Climate Needs: Energy saving and greenhouse temperature control with energy screens
Svensson Solution: Luxous 1147 FR

Tomatoes in greenhouse

120 hours of energy saving per week!

Company: Corné Smulders
Location: Oirschot, The Netherlands
Climate Needs: Lower relative humidity and plenty of light
Svensson Solution: Luxous 1347 FR

Tomatoes in greenhouse

Agroindustrias Villa Santiago

Grower Profile: Ing. Carlos Palazuelos, General Manager
Crop: Tomato grape
Location: Compostela, Nayarit
Challenge: High temperatures combined with excess humidity in a passive greenhouse
Svensson solution: Xsect Balance, ventilation improvement through a mesh with high airflow permeability

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