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Svensson Energy Monitor

Svensson Energy Monitor is a real-time monitor in that visualizes savings (and missed savings) in energy and money when using climate screens. It provides automated advice for the right screen strategy, helping growers get the most out of climate screens.

Based on greenhouse measurements from the climate computer the module calculates and shows current and historical savings using the Svensson climate screens. Linked to this, Energy Monitor gives a unique and automated advise the grower how energy savings can be maximized by opening, closing or changing screening strategy.

It is developed by Svensson and a Climate House Advisory is included.


What metrics are available on the Energy Monitor?

Through a single dashboard, growers can access crucial metrics including potential monetary savings and missed opportunities related to climate screens, personalized screening strategies tailored to individual greenhouse setups, monitoring of CO2 emissions, and additional insights. The Energy Monitor feature introduces growers to a wealth of possibilities for reducing energy consumption by harnessing greenhouse technology.


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