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Flor y Miel creates a better climate for flowers with Luxous and Harmony

Flor y Miel, located in Cuautla, Morelos, Mexico, is a company with the capacity to produce 140,000 orchids and anthuriums annually. With Svensson's climate screens, Flor y Miel improved the climate inside their greenhouses and the quality of their plants.

Owner: Fernando Aguerrebere
Grower: Moisés Rosas Zamora
Company: Flor y Miel
Greenhouse: Plastic
Crop: Orchids and Anthuriums
Location: Cuautla, Morelos
Climate Needs: Evenly light to avoid plant damage.
Svensson Solution: Lower temperatures and PAR light through an efficent shading, a better heat conservation at night saving energy.


We had the opportunity to interview Fernando Aguerrebere, owner of the project with more than 30 years of experience in the industry, and Moisés Rosas Zamora, grower in Flor y Miel and responsible for the cultivation of orchids, anthuriums and peace lilies, among others. Together, they told us about their experience with Svensson's climate screens.

When the project started, Flor y Miel used the traditional black-shade mesh for shading, "as we learned by seeing how the operations in Holland are managed, we realized the importance of using retractable screens and the positive effect that they have on the light". First, it was decided to install a black and white Svensson climate screen in the anthurium production area, where we quickly saw positive results. Later, after expanding, it was decided to install a double screen, the first screen being a Luxous 1547 D FR for energy saving, and the second screen being a Harmony with a 45% shade with diffused light for light control.

Fernando says, "The screen is very resistant, you have fewer problems in the installation, since it is very specific, and it has a better light distribution".

Better climate inside the greenhouse

The reason for changing from a black-shade mesh to a Harmony screen, despite the price differences, is simple: The quality of the plant improved.

"The quality of the plant, the plant's light is better used because it is mobile and the climate inside the greenhouse has been improved", explains Fernando.

Moisés also told us about the parameters that helped him decide the types of screens to be installed: "We wanted to create the best climate for the plant and achieve its requirements by distributing the light better and retaining the humidity more effectively".

With regards to the relative humidity, it was better managed inside the greenhouse leading to reduced heat loss and saving energy with respect to the use of heating at night.

Fernando mentioned that since the instalation of Svensson’s climate screens, Flor y Miel took a leap and began to differentiate from its competitors by the quality of its crops, and they are now better positioned in the market of both orchids and anthuriums. "Our products are known for their quality", Fernando says.

The differences that have been noticed in the growth and volume of the plant are an improvement in the number and thickness of rods, root development, flower color and the number of flowers per wand increased.

Moisés mentioned, "I have not known any other screen that resembles Svensson's screens in terms of quality and technical advice, it is a good company and I am happy with them".

Fernando concluded the interview with this phrase: "In the flower and in the horticulture, quality is sold".
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