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Lettuce Testimonials

True Garden Svensson screens

A successful solution for vertically grown, local pesticide-free produce

Company: True Garden
Location: Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Climate Needs: Heat reduction, energy savings, insect control
Svensson Solution: Luxous ǀ Econet

Creating the climate needed to provide healthy, equitable and resident-driven produce

Company: GrowHaus
Location: Denver, Colorado, USA
Climate Needs: Lower temperatures
Svensson Solution: Solaro

Famifarm Svensson screens

Maximum energy saving with a double screen solution

Company: Famifarm
Location: Järvikyle, Finland
Climate Needs: Energy savings, light, temperature and humidity control
Svensson Solution: Luxous ǀ Harmony

Producing hydroponic lettuce in perfect Harmony

Company: Hidroponicos La Cruz
Location: La Cruz, Chile
Climate Needs: Reduced radiation and temperature control 
Svensson Solution: Harmony

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