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Agro Orchids achieves an optimal climate for orchid cultivation in Costa Rica with Svensson's climate screens

Agro Orchids Costa Rica, a family-owned company dedicated to the production of Phalaenopsis Orchids, has successfully overcome climate challenges through the strategic implementation of Svensson's climate screens: Tempa, Luxous, Obscura, and Harmony. With over 15 years of experience, these screens have become key elements in creating an optimal climate within their greenhouses and growing orchids of the highest quality.​

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Niclas creates weather and speeds up time to test Svensson climate screens

Behind the screens: Niclas the weather machinist

If you want your customers to have the best possible growing climate, and products that perform flawlessly in that climate, you’d better be into research and development. And you’re going to need a weather machinist.

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