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Plant Empowerment - Investors do not step into a black box

It started with an English-language book about New Cultivation, Plant Empowerment. This has now resulted in a partnership of six top companies and educational institutions from the greenhouse horticulture: Growing by Plant Empowerment.

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Events & Exhibitions

GreenTech Americas 2022

Visit Svensson at GreenTech Americas 2022 at booth #426, where you will have the opportunity to meet with our experts to discuss climate solutions for your greenhouse.

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Dümmen Orange Colombia

In order to efficiently exclude thrips while maintaining good ventilation in its greenhouses, Dümmen Orange tested Xsect Xtreme and Xsect X-air insect control screens, in its chrysanthemum propagation area.

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Climate House - There is still much climate gain to be made

Svensson recently launched 'Climate House', a new service where Svensson's greenhouse climate experts bundle their knowledge of cultivation strategy, screening strategy, climate settings, and climate tools to help growers, business leaders, cultivation managers, and advisers worldwide.

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Trade Articles

Luxous Eco important step towards circular greenhouse horticulture

The pressure is increasing with new, tightened climate plans. Glasshouse horticulture is the only sector in the manufacturing industry in the Netherlands to achieve all climate targets in 2020.

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New leadership at Ludvig Svensson Mexico

Jorge González, currently Sales Manager LATAM, is appointed new General Manager of Ludvig Svensson SA de CV in Mexico.

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Can greenhouse horticulture save the climate? Or will the climate save greenhouse horticulture?

Greenhouse horticulture is using energy more and more efficiently. It is mainly due to increased productivity and innovations in the energy field. Energy-saving, therefore, remains of crucial importance. At the same time, greenhouse horticulture benefits from climate change.

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Svensson expands its Warehouse and Production Facility in Mexico

Svensson expanded its footprint with the formation of the newly established Ludvig Svensson SA de CV, and the opening of a new production facility in Guadalajara, Mexico

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No other name above the door than Voskamp

Gebr. L & J Voskamp is a robust family business. Grandpa Jan once started with a mixed company, but now the company supplies loose tomatoes throughout Europe. The third generation is at the helm. What will the rate be?

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The sustainable mission of Royal Berry

Pure quality. That is undeniably the best way to describe Royal Berry strawberries based in Bemmel, The Netherlands. However, nowadays offering a high-quality top product is no longer enough to fully meet the customer's expectations. Director Jan van Genderen explains why he believes sustainability is an opportunity to set his company apart. ‘It is about so much more than just growing a great product.’






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ALWECO - A world player from Maasdijk

Alweco is a real family business. Leo Alsemgeest started the specialization in the construction of screen installations. Now, his son Stephan is taking his father’s vision further and together with the Management Team they are expanding the Alweco footprint into international markets.






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