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Naturesweet grower

At NatureSweet, Econet 4045 is essential for production

Company: NatureSweet Tomatoes
Location: Tuxcacuesco, Jal, Mexico
Climate Needs: Temperature, humidity, insect control
Svensson Solution: Econet


Higher yields using high porosity insect control screens

Company: NatureSweet Tomatoes
Location: Colima, Mexico
Climate Needs: Temperature, humidity, insect control
Svensson Solutions: Harmony ǀ Econet


Better technologies provide better whitefly pest control

Company: Eco Agri Tec
Location: Cd Fernández, Mexico
Climate Needs: Insect control with increased ventilation
Svensson Solution: Econet

Ryan Cramer cucumber grower

More light and production boasts grower's competitive advantage

Company: Big Marble Farms
Location: Albert, Canada
Climate Needs: Increased light and energy savings, season extension
Svensson Solution: Luxous

Valstar brothers Peppers

Quick cultivation with the brightest screen

Company: Gebr. E. & W. Valstar
Location: De Lier, The Netherlands
Climate Needs: Energy savings
Svensson Solution: Luxous


My planned extra energy savings had already been exceeded

Company: Wilgenbos
Location: Bleiswijk, The Netherlands
Climate Needs: Energy savings, temperature control
Svensson Solution: Luxous

Nature Fresh Farms

An optimal summer growth climate with added energy savings in the winter

Company: Nature Fresh Farms
Location: Leamington, ON, Canada
Climate Needs: Energy savings, cooling
Svensson Solutions: Luxous ǀ Harmony

True Garden Svensson screens

A successful solution for vertically grown, local pesticide-free produce

Company: True Garden
Location: Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Climate Needs: Heat reduction, energy savings, insect control
Svensson Solution: Luxous ǀ Econet

Creating the climate needed to provide healthy, equitable and resident-driven produce

Company: GrowHaus
Location: Denver, Colorado, USA
Climate Needs: Lower temperatures
Svensson Solution: Solaro

Famifarm Svensson screens

Maximum energy saving with a double screen solution

Company: Famifarm
Location: Järvikyle, Finland
Climate Needs: Energy savings, light, temperature and humidity control
Svensson Solution: Luxous ǀ Harmony

Van Duijn grower

A high degree of light transmission is especially useful at the start of the cultivation

Company: Gebroeders Van Duijn
Location: Westdorpe, the Netherlands
Climate Needs: Energy saving and humidity control
Svensson Solution: Luxous

Koen Kreling Diamond Flowers

Double screens lead to a better climate

Company: Diamond Flowers
Location: Zuilichem, Netherlands
Climate Needs: Diffuse light, shading, blackout
Svensson Solution(s): Harmony ǀ Obscura

J. Breugem & Zn. BV

Cooler on summer days

Company: J. Breugem & Zn. BV
Location: Ridderkerk, Netherlands
Climate Needs: Daylength control
Svensson Solution: Obscura

Batist gerbera grower

Faster cultivation with new Harmony

Company: Batist Gerbera
Location: Maasdijk, Nederland
Climate Needs: Temperature reductions and day length control
Svensson Solution: Harmony ǀ Obscura


Pot Plants
Ven Flor

Climate screens guarantee the production of orchids to the Brazilian market

Company: Floricultura Brazil
Location: Holambra – Sao Paolo – Brazil
Climate Needs: Temperature reduction
Svensson Solutions: Solaro | Obscura | Tempa

Ven Flor

High solar radiation is a factor that affects all crops equally, including ornamental plants

Company: Plantulas de Tetela
Location: Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico
Climate Needs: Decreasing the incoming radiation
Svensson Solution: Solarwoven

 Long Island Horticultural Research

Total Insect Exclusion allows vital Impatiens walleriana research to proceed

Company: Cornell University Long Island Horticultural Research and Extension Center
Location: Riverhead, NY, USA
Climate Needs: Thrip Control
Svensson Solution: Econet


name the picture here

Effortless Climate Control with Obscura

Company: Amado Management, LLC
Location: Amado, Arizona, USA
Climate Needs: Blackout, humidity and temperature control
Svensson Solution: Obscura | Tempa

Bringing Dutch Heritage to the Cannabis Frontier

Company: Double Dutch Farms 
Location: Washington State, USA
Climate Needs: Control excess humidity, reduce risk of diseases, provide perfect dark-light balance 
Svensson Solution: Obscura | Tempa

Other Crops

Manipulation of climatic conditions for grafted seedlings

Company: Plantanova 
Location: Tuxpan, Mexico
Climate Needs: Temperature and insect control
Svensson Solution: Tempa ǀ Econet

High-value hops thrive under Svensson screens

Company: Midwest Hop Producers
Location: Plattsmouth, Nebraska, USA
Climate Needs: Temperature reduction & insect control
Svensson Solution: Harmony

Russian grower reflects on his climate

Company: Agrokombinat Teplichny OJSC
Location: Karasunsky District of Krasnodar, Russia
Climate Needs: Energy savings, improved transparency 
Svensson Solution: Harmony ǀ Luxous

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