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Hacienda El Carmen Hotel & Spa faces the effects of climate change and improves the quality of its crops

Hacienda El Carmen Hotel & Spa, one of the most representative properties of the Valles region with more than 400 years of history, knows how to take advantage of its geographical location and the mild climate in the state of Jalisco for growing tomatoes and peppers. In 2017, a greenhouse was built with the objective of learning about specialized processes for greenhouse crops. To protect this greenhouse from the entry of insects and pests, mainly thrips, it was decided to install Svensson's climate solutions, creating an optimal climate for healthier plants, higher yields and a more productive working team.

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Sustainability and the business of growing

Meeting the challenges of feeding a rapidly growing global population that requires more food than the world can currently produce is a complex and urgent task. To address this issue, we need to increase food production while also promoting sustainable agricultural practices that minimize waste and environmental impact.

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Anne Ludvigson awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Borås

We are thrilled to announce that Anne Ludvigson has been awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Borås! Anne's appointment as an Honorary Doctor of Philosophy in Textiles and Fashion is a well-deserved recognition of her remarkable contributions to the textile industry.

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In conversation with … Annie van de Riet

Combining forces; that is what Annie van de Riet believes in. And therefore, the role as chairman at the trade association AVAG fits her like a glove. AVAG consists of about 75 Dutch companies that work together in the field of integrated growing systems, components and associated service. She is also director of Hortivation, a foundation that focuses on technical innovations and knowledge management in greenhouse horticulture. Let’s have a conversation with Annie about the business climate of our sector, innovation and cooperation.

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Boost energy savings with new low-emission glass

Glass that combines an AR coating with a low-e coating can save about 22% additional energy, research by Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture has shown. The anti-reflection coating increases light transmission, while the low-emission coating reduces heat loss from the greenhouse. This is a new type of glass from AGCulture, with which Svensson has started a strategic cooperation.

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The importance and benefits of vertical airflow in greenhouses

Monitoring the air surrounding crops is just as crucial as monitoring greenhouse watering practices. Despite their significance in ensuring crop consistency and healthy growth, the benefits of vertical airflow are often overlooked. Vertical airflow offers growers greater control over greenhouse temperature and air movement, which helps eliminate stagnant air, cold spots, and hot zones that can harm crops.

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