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Even in the world's hottest growing climates, night-time heat loss is a dead weight on greenhouse production

You may grow in a hot region but is clear-night-radiation stealing critical quality and profitability

On a clear day in a region where it's hot, there's a threat to the health and vitality of your crop hiding in the open. The open sky itself can steal a critical cut of crop production, and harm the canopy with infection. Learn how, and get the data, on the difference a movable shade cloth can make.

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Increasing the temperature of a traditional sloping-roof greenhouse with Harmony climate screen

Corne Brooijmans, a plant grower from Plantas de Andalucia, tells us how they deal with the low winter temperatures after incorporating our thermal and shade screen. 

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In celebration of the growers who make Independence Day in Mexico so delicious

Shade for the greenhouse, ventilation and insect protection along with the dedication of growers and pickers working under extreme conditions make Independence Day feasts in Mexico possible. This is our tasty Independence Day page celebrating our favorite recipe and all the growers that work so hard to give us the peppers, tomatoes and chilis we need for Día de la Independencia to feel so special.

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The right shade and light for extreme heat at Little Prince of Oregon

Imagine your goal is to produce the most beautiful house plants anyone ever received. Your offer to customers is to reliably provide them with rare, sensitive varieties while also managing a sustainable growing operation. Now, imagine you set out to do all that in a region that experienced 119°F in 2021 and can reach –15°F in the winter. Welcome to Mark Leichty’s world.

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Project highlighted: Nursery Jami

Progressive. That is the word that exemplifies the entrepreneurial spirit and cultivation strategy of Nursery Jami, or Michel Zwinkels. For example, he was the first Dutch vine tomato grower to switch to LED lighting - with better tomatoes and more production as a result. Together with Oxin Growers, he recently had Luxous Light FR installed by SchermNed.

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Proflora 2023

From October 4-6, Proflora 2023 will take place in Bogotá, Colombia. You will have the opportunity to meet our experts to talk about our climate solutions to improve the climate inside your greenhouse, ensuring that your flowers thrive with the best quality. We look forward to seeing you at booth #114.

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