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Owner/Grower, Han Mingjun, saw Thrips reduce by 70-80%

Thrips reduced by 70-80% when Rong Rong Farm trials Xsect Xtra

The maize crops in the surrounding fields are a fertile environment for thrips. Owner/Grower, Han Mingjun, wanted to see what difference it would make if the company changed out its existing pest control insect nets to Svensson’s Xsect Xtra mesh.

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How Finka has managed to maintain a Svensson climate screen for more than 13 years

Finka, a high-tech greenhouse, located at AgroPark in Querétaro, Mexico, has successfully maintained a Solaro 3520 O climate screen for more than 13 years, demonstrating the exceptional durability and performance of Svensson's climate screens. Installed in 2009 within a 10.2-hectare greenhouse dedicated to tomato production, this climate screen, with 35% shading, has played a crucial role in maintaining optimal temperatures inside the greenhouse, resulting in healthy and high-quality crops.

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Project highlighted: Drenthe Growers replaces climate screens

Cucumber grower Koos de Vries had no doubts about the type of climate screen he was looking for when it came time to replace. He was very satisfied with the Luxous 1547 D FR and replaced the old screen with a new variant. SchermNed carried out the installation of 5.5 hectares while an application for the future replacement of 3.5 hectares is already pending.

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The collaboration between Svensson, HortiConnect -Van der Valk- & Digma boosts the installation of climate screens for greenhouses in Mexico

Thanks to the collaboration between Svensson, Horticonnect, and Van der Valk, along with Digma's expertise in greenhouse installation, a comprehensive joint project has officially started. Through this project, Mexican growers will now have the opportunity to access the most advanced solutions in climate screens for greenhouses.

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Hortipolaris worked with Svensson Climate team to reduce energy costs by a third

After adopting high pressure sodium lighting (HPS) in the winter of 21-22, the extra heat from the lamps and excessive humidity due to active crop transpiration at night made climate control very challenging for Beijing growers, Hortipolaris. An approach of opening the screens to create gaps to get rid of humidity led to undesirable heat loss. So Svensson consultants worked with the growing team for the coming 22-23 winter season, saving a third of the January heating bill.

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In conversation with… Jelte van Kammen

As the person ultimately responsible for a cooperative of 72 growers with a combined area of ​​more than 1,100 hectares, you can without a doubt call Jelte van Kammen a 'prestigious figure in greenhouse horticulture'. Although he prefers to see himself as a booster, go-getter and connector. Just like Harvest House, by the way. Real go-getters, that's what characterizes Harvest House's growers. We are curious about Jelte's view on a number of interesting issues in greenhouse horticulture. Follow along to learn more in our latest interview with him.

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Be movable not fixed, says dynamic founder of The Plant Company as it doubles in size

Sometimes you have to be willing to make a move. That might be Frank Paul’s motto. He’s been willing to move as a young intern from one continent to another. To start his business, he moved from Ohio to the Blue Ridge Mountains. And as a grower, he’s moved from fixed diffused glass to a highly automated, movable screen greenhouse with a PARperfect setup.

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