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The use of double energy screens is not a new concept among greenhouse cultivators. Due to rising energy prices and the goal to be carbon-neutral by 2040, using double energy screens to reduce costs and improve the greenhouse climate is already a standard practice for growers around the world. One of the main users of double energy screens is bell pepper growers, but this application is not only reserved for "warm crops" that utilize a lot of gas. The use of two energy screens has also become financially attractive for the relatively cooler vegetable crops and ornamental plant cultivation.

And there are more advantages to using two energy screens besides cost savings. In our downloadable white paper, we explain the principle of double energy screens. Why is this investment is smart, or perhaps even necessary? What are the benefits and concerns? For which crop is it most suitable? And how does the use of two energy screens contribute to the principles of growing by Plant Empowerment?

Download our double screening white paper

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