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Ventilated pest control

Xsect insect control screens are uniquely engineered to keep harmful insects out* of the greenhouse and beneficial insects inside while allowing maximum airflow.

Uniquely designed with exquisitely thin, proprietary yarns and a uniform weaving process, Xsect screens are produced with consistent hole sizes and a virtually impenetrable weave that insects can’t burrow through. Yet at the same time, air flows comfortably thanks to superior, small-diameter fibers.

The result? A cooler, less humid greenhouse climate that is healthier and more productive for people and plants alike.

Reasons to choose Xsect:

  • Longer harvesting weeks
  • Higher yields per planting cycle
  • Better protection against insects and viruses
  • More hospitable conditions for bumblebees and other beneficial
  • Increased crop quality
  • Better and more productive working conditions
  • Less money spent on pesticides and maximized use of biocontrols
  • Reduced flower abortion, burning fruit, and apical rotting

* No screen will exclude all insects.

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