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Let us introduce: Joan Elise Hoefsloot

Joan has been part of our team since September 2022, as global product manager. She helps to monitor the quality of our products and processes. She keeps an international eye on whether everything is going according to Svensson's standards. How does she do that? What does she think of her role, and of the horticulture sector? Time to catch up with Joan!

Global product manager, that sounds big and comprehensive. “Yes, it does. The most important thing is to have good connections within the organization to get everyone on the same page. On a day-to-day business, this means that I am in contact with various departments all over the world. One day I have contact with Mexico or Spain, the other day with our R&D or the marketing department.”

International background

Because of her versatile background, Joan has the skill to easily switch between various countries and departments. She was born and raised in Peru, has a Colombian mother and a Dutch father, she lives with her Swedish fiancé and has work experience in the horticultural sector. An ideal mix for this international position! “As a global product manager you must be able to take responsibility for projects and always strive for the very best quality. That's something I'm into.”

With her rich background and impressive diplomas, Joan has countless career opportunities, why did she choose to work with Svensson? “Partly because it is a fourth-generation family business. That says a lot, I think.” Such as? “It says something about the unity of the company, about talent and about the ability to grow.”

“A fascinating sector”

Joan became acquainted with the horticultural sector at a young age. Her father has his own company in Peru that deals with various facets of horticulture. “I think it's a fascinating sector. You work with living products. Horticulture plays an essential role in the global food supply. I think it is typical of horticulture that everyone does their best to do something positive, that is how I experience it.” Joan also sees that a lot is happening in the horticulture business, due to crises that are ravaging the Dutch economy, but also have an international impact.

“There is a lot going on, such as the energy transition. It is only a matter of time before the horticulture business finds its new normal.”

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