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The challenge of… Marc Groenewegen

“My biggest challenge is finding more spare time,” says the smiling Marc Groenewegen of Prominent Grevelingen. "I'm always busy, but I do that to myself." Marc Groenewegen is the type of entrepreneur who does not sit still. He is always working on how things can be improved and he likes to be in contact with people including his own staff and fellow tomato growers all over the world. Svensson advisor Ton speaks to him regularly, offline and online, about all sorts of things. The weather, his company, the future, Plant Empowerment, energy and of course, climate screens.

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Greenhouse energy-saving incentive program – the facts, the dates

Enbridge Gas, a natural gas supplier in Ontario, offers an incentive program for greenhouse growers to help with reducing their natural gas consumption and costs. The program provides incentives worth up to $200,000 per project and aims to help customers maximize the value of natural gas while promoting energy efficiency. We recently interviewed Haris Ahmadzai, Supervisor, Energy Conservation for Agriculture Market/Ontario at Enbridge to learn more about the details of this incentive program.

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Climate screens for sustainable greenhouse growing

Svensson launches 3 new solution packages with a focus on energy-saving

Svensson launches three new solutions with a focus on energy saving: Energy Monitor, ENERGYperfect & PARperfect Cooling.

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Luxous 1147

NEN — a way of measuring light transmission for greenhouse growing

Since the introduction of NEN 2675+C1 in November 2018, growers, greenhouse builders, installers and consultants are able to compare the performance of greenhouse cover and screen materials in a much more appropriate way.

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First application of PARperfect in China Rose Greenhouse

Under a beautiful snow mountain in Lijiang China, 35ha high-tech greenhouses were built in 2019 for cut rose and calla production. Thanks to the unique geo-climate condition, advanced production facilities, and special cultivars, the flowers grown here are stunning which contributes to the charm of the brand ‘丽江の花’ (Lijiang Flower).

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For the magic to happen, get the light balance just right

Growers know that successful production is a matter of the right amount of inputs, but what’s less well-understood is that so many of these depend on achieving the right balance of light to start with.

Taken from our guide "The magic of getting light balance just right", here’s an 11-point list of what happens when the pendulum swings from too bright to too dark in a greenhouse.

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Screen replacement at Lijntje Tomato Nursery enhances crop cultivation and productivity

In 2017, Rob Oosterom, co-owner of tomato nursery Lijntje in Moerkapelle, Netherlands researched possibilities and quotations for a new energy screen that had to be installed in his 2.5-hectare greenhouse. The existing screen had been in use for twelve years at that time. It was not flame retardant - which was the main reason for replacement - but otherwise, there was little to criticize.

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