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Grow with the Flow

Growers face significant challenges while trying to create the perfect climate throughout their greenhouse. Reaching an even temperature and the ideal humidity levels without gapping is a complex task. Despite the difficulties, it is a mandated task that more and more growers must comply with local light pollution regulations. In addition, when growing in accordance with the Plant Empowerment principles, gapping is not always an option.

This is why we are introducing the next step in climate control: ClimaFlow, a solution that combines the ClimaFlow System and Svensson’s advisory service, Climate House.

Accelerate your growing environment

ClimaFlow gives growers the ability to keep their climate screens closed, utilizing the screen to its fullest, achieving an optimal, progressive climate for their crops. Svensson’s advisory team continuously supports growers throughout the entire identification, installation, and implementation process. All this ensures that the ClimaFlow solution is applied to its maximum potential, allowing the grower the ability to grow with the flow!


How does ClimaFlow work?

The ClimaFlow Systems consists of a VentilationJet and a vertical fan, the ClimaFlow Fan.

The VentilationJet draws fresh air from above the screen, distributing and mixing it with the greenhouse air throughout the growing area. The ClimaFlow Fan distributes the air evenly with a smooth and uniform flow throughout the crop canopy. This technique removes the evaporative moisture from within the crop, optimizing photosynthesis and creating an active, homogenous, and healthy microclimate. 

With ClimaFlow, growers have the option of utilizing the full VentilationJet and vertical fan system, or just vertical fans.

Advantages of ClimaFlow

A homogeneous climate and a healthy crop.

The ventilation system draws fresh air from above the screen to the cultivation area and circulates it throughout the greenhouse. This airflow prevents moisture build-up, creating an active, healthier microclimate.


Comply with light abatement regulations.

In the evening hours, growers don’t have to gap and can switch on their additional lighting: this way, they comply with light abatement regulations without making concessions to the greenhouse climate.


Continuous support.

Our Climate House advisory team provides complete support from start to finish. All of the advice is based on a thorough analysis of the data from your climate computer. This ensures an optimal climate.


Use your screens longer and save energy.

ClimaFlow aids growers in maximizing energy savings through its energy efficiency and extended screen closure capabilities.

Improve the climate and increase production.

The constant airflow improves working conditions; the silent system contributes to a healthier and safer working environment.

Easy installation and operation.

The plug-and-play installation method makes the system easy to install and use.

Climate House

Climate house is Svensson’s advisory service, where our climate experts support growers with advice on climate management, temperature control, energy control, and screen management. Our Climate House climate experts will help you to create the best homogeneous climate in your greenhouse. 

ClimaFlow System Climate House Advisory
ClimaFlow Fan Climate House Advisory

Plant Empowerment

In Plant Empowerment, everything is focused on the balance of the plant. The conditions in the greenhouse should be set up to reduce all plant stress. By continuously monitoring and managing the plant balances, it can grow more efficiently with the offered light, water, nutrition, and CO2. ClimaFlow is a vital tool while following this way of growing. It allows the grower to dehumidify, ventilate, and heat while optimizing the climate screens.


Questions about ClimaFlow? Send a message to one of our Climate Advisors!

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