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Svensson Acoustic Textiles

Acoustic Textiles

At Svensson, we produce textile solutions that create environments where people can thrive and feel good. In our Acoustic range, you will find acoustic textiles in different shades, textures, and noise ratings. A decorative solution that makes a big difference when it comes to an indoor environment.

Nordshield BioLayr® - a physical barrier against bacteria

NordShield BioLayr® is a textile treatment that creates a physical yet invisible barrier against bacteria. The technology works by forming an ultra-thin layer that hinders the accumulation of microbes on the surface of the fibers. Due to its molecular-level operation, it seamlessly integrates with the textile without altering its properties or appearance.


Svensson news and events

Meet textildesigner Annie Lee Jönsson

Annie has designed two of autumns new textiles – hanging textile May and an updated version of classic upholstery fabric Ink.

Hanging textiles from Svensson to Knivsta kommunhus

Knivsta municpiality decided to reuse as much as possible when they renovated their locales.

Martindale test

An insight into Svensson's internal lab and test environment

Svensson’s own in-house lab has the capacity to test both existing and newly developed textiles, focusing on quality control, environmental certifications and related quality issues.