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How to handle your textiles Covid -19

Some countries that have been locked down are now starting to open up. People are returning to their workplaces and you might wonder how to handle your Svensson textiles due to the coronavirus. Here is what we know and what we recommend. 

Upholstery fabric Debut in a room with big windows

From waste material to a new product, a kick-start of a truly sustainable range and the beginning of a new era for Svensson. We’ve stopped thinking of waste materials as a necessary evil and started thinking of them as a resource.


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Learn more about sound

Learn more about sound

There are lots of reasons for choosing soundproofing-classified textiles. Here you can read about how testing and class division is done, how sound works in general, and why a good sound environment is important.

Hanging fabric with logo of architect @ work logo

Architect meets innovation

Almost 220 manufacturers have succeeded in meeting the strict selection criteria - and Svensson is one of them!

Pernilla McGillivray

Meet Pernilla - Designer at Svensson

After 20 years as a textile designer and 7 years as a textile product developer in the automotive industry, Pernilla McGillivray joined the design team at Svensson in late 2018. Today textiles for curtains fill her sketchbooks and her working day.

Textiles - a family affair since 1887

With a passion for quality textiles, the Svensson brand is built on a legacy that began in 1887. After four generations as a family-run company, we continue to develop and manufacture textiles with outstanding design and function.

Now more than ever, our unique experience and know-how are used to improve the natural habitat of both people and plants. This makes us who we are – and extremely proud. Welcome to Svensson.

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