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Svensson Acoustic Textiles

Acoustic Textiles

At Svensson, we produce textile solutions that create environments where people can thrive and feel good. In our Acoustic range, you will find acoustic textiles in different shades, textures, and noise ratings. A decorative solution that makes a big difference when it comes to an indoor environment.

Nordshield BioLayr® - a physical barrier against bacteria

NordShield BioLayr® is a textile treatment that creates a physical yet invisible barrier against bacteria. The technology works by forming an ultra-thin layer that hinders the accumulation of microbes on the surface of the fibers. Due to its molecular-level operation, it seamlessly integrates with the textile without altering its properties or appearance.

Textiles made of recycled materials

Our RE label highlights textiles that are made partially or entirely from recycled materials. Alongside our partners, we continue to explore new ways of reducing waste without compromising on quality. 

Get practical advice and tips on hanging textiles

This guide will introduce you to the most common sewing patterns for working with hanging textiles. You will also find answers to many of the most frequently asked questions. The download is of course free of charge. 


Svensson news and events

Stockholm Furniture Fair 2024

During an intense and inspiring week at the Stockholm Furniture Fair and Stockholm Design Week, we at Svensson presented our new booth concept, which was developed in collaboration with Gabriella Lenke and Mattias Ståhlbom at TAF Designstudio.

TAF – the design studio behind Svensson's new showroom and exhibition stand

This winter, Svensson is set to open its new showroom in Götgatan, Stockholm and exhibit at the prestigious Stockholm Furniture Fair in February. TAF is behind the design concept.

Colours of spring 2023

Find inspiration in the colours of autumn 2023

The palette of autumn consists of twisted neutrals and mixtures of yarn colours that create entirely new shades and impressions. We hope that this selection will inspire you in your work to create rooms where humans can meet and gather.