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See what other growers are saying about their new climate

Cucumber testimonials

Ryan Cramer cucumber grower

More light and production boasts grower's competitive advantage

Company: Big Marble Farms
Location: Albert, Canada
Climate Needs: Increased light and energy savings, season extension
Svensson Solution: Luxous

Mulitgrow Grashoek Nursery

Climate screens crucial in cucumber cultivation

Company: Multigrow Grashoek Nursery
Location: Grashoek, Limburg, Netherlands
What climate is needed: Light blocking with Obscura & Energy saving and controlling greenhouse temperature with Luxous screens
Svensson's climate solution: OBSCURA and LUXOUS, installed on top of each other

Tuinderij Doorn

Excellent growth climate with optimal light utilisation

Company : Tuinderij Doorn
Location: Heerde, The Netherlands
What climate is needed: Excellent growth climate with optimal light utilisation
Svensson's climate solution: Energy saving Luxous 1147 FR l Luxous 1347 FR climate screens

YouYou grower

Diffuse screens improve crop photosynthesis and growth in summer vegetable cultivation.

A 20ha state-of-the-art greenhouse, which is part of Youyou Sino Dutch Agriculture Park, was built in 2020 at Chongming Island, Shanghai. The main crops include tomato, cucumber, pepper, and lettuce.

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