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Staying at the forefront of innovation

Trials & Studies

The horticulture segment is extremely dynamic due to the ever-increasing requirements for higher productivity. Growers are constantly looking for ways to further improve their climate, yield, crop quality, and ultimately their bottom line.

Svensson is committed to granting the grower even more control over their climate and we're continuously conducting trials and collaborating with research institutes, universities and other third parties to ensure that our products meet the highest standards. 

Naturesweet grower

Trial results prove Harmony creates a fantastic climate in tomato greenhouse during summer months

A recent trial at the Delphy Improvement Centre in Bleiswijk, Netherlands monitored the greenhouse climate performance for growing tomatoes. 

Naturesweet grower

See your potted plants in a new light - Discover the secret to better growth

Aug, 2015: Study shows that high-grade light diffusion promotes faster, healthier growth in delicate plants.

Naturesweet grower

Study shows light-diffusing climate screens promote faster, healthier growth

Feb, 2015: A recent study showed that a greenhouse using a Svensson Harmony light-diffusing climate screen yielded 25% more marketable produce than a whitewashed greenhouse that was otherwise identical.

Naturesweet grower

Preventing energy radiation with Luxous energy screens

March, 2016: In the majority of cases energy screens are installed in order to reduce energy bills. 

Naturesweet grower

Is one shade cloth better than another?

Research shows light-diffusing Harmony climate screens lower greenhouse and crop temperatures while allowing more light in, compared to black and metallic shade screens.

more light

More light and lower temperatures with reflective shade screens vs. black shade cloth

Remarkable differences in both water and leaf temperatures in combination with more light is the conclusion of a trial made at a hydroponic lettuce grower in Thailand, comparing shading screens with black nets. 

more light

Save even more energy without losing valuable light

April, 2015: Trial shows that 15% extra energy was saved with double screens compared to the single screen solution. 

Comparing the benefits of white and black groundcover in hot climate environments

A study conducted at Svensson U.S. headquarters compared the temperatures of white groundcover with traditional black groundcover in a hot climate environment.

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