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Monitoring the air surrounding crops is just as crucial as monitoring greenhouse watering practices. Despite their significance in ensuring crop consistency and healthy growth, the benefits of vertical airflow are often overlooked. Vertical airflow offers growers greater control over greenhouse temperature and air movement, which helps eliminate stagnant air, cold spots, and hot zones that can harm crops.

It is necessary to note that greenhouse equipment can contribute to undesirable heat accumulation. Growers cannot simply power down critical equipment such as high-pressure sodium (HPS) lights, as they are vital to the operation. However, excess heat, rising energy costs, and limitations in growing practices such as screen gapping can accumulate and result in avoidable issues.

Therefore, it is essential to adopt measures to manage the effects of greenhouse equipment on the environment, such as employing proper ventilation and circulation systems. Proper air movement can help regulate temperatures, control humidity levels, and maintain a healthy environment for crops to thrive. With vertical airflow, growers can optimize the efficiency of greenhouse equipment while ensuring optimal crop growth.

In our white paper titled “The importance and benefits of vertical airflow in greenhouses”, we delve into the advantages of incorporating vertical airflow systems in greenhouses. Vertical airflow is a cutting-edge technique in greenhouse climate control that empowers growers with a higher level of control over the growing environment. This enhanced control enables growers to fine-tune their climate, leading to better crop quality, improved plant health, and increased yields. Download the full white paper using the button below.

Download "The importance and benefits  of vertical airflow in greenhouses" whitepaper

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