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In 2021, after 15 years, the climate screen at tomato grower Wouter van Wijk from Bleiswijk, Netherlands was due for replacement. For his new screen, he chose Svensson’s Luxous 1147 FR. Why? “To save as much energy as possible,” says Wouter. A fresh, new, bright screen - and he notices that. "I can leave it closed longer."

Brother Jos preceded him during the crop change in 2019. He exchanged Svensson's old climate screen for a new one: the Luxous 1147 FR. During the Christmas holiday season of 2020, Wouter's greenhouse screens were also due for replacement. Like his brother, he opted for the Luxous 1147 FR. Reliability and quality played an important role in his purchase motivation. “I have enjoyed the previous Svensson screen for a long time, so of course, I  hope to have that again.”

Optimal energy savings

The previous screen was already about 15 years old. After installing the new screen, Wouter immediately noticed an enormous change. “With this screen, I received exactly what I had expected. I can leave it closed for longer periods of time to save even moreenergy. The old screen had to open more quickly due to pollution, because it let in less and less light.”

Harm van Holsteijn Montage carried out the replacement of the climate screen.

“He is there himself and does not send a subcontractor, for example. I like working that way,” says Wouter. Harm also installed the climate screen at brother Jos and is therefore no stranger to the Van Wijk brothers. “The replacement went smoothly”, says Harm. “We also immediately replaced the nylon threads. We always do that, to prevent the nylon from rubbing against the aluminum. That gives nasty stripes on the screen. That's why we usually take this right away. These wires had also been there for quite a few years, so that was necessary anyway.”

Experience and reliability

Harm says that Wouter made his choice for Luxous 1147 FR pretty quickly. “In my proposal I had also brought some other screens from other suppliers for comparison. But the good experience with Svensson and the reliability of the screen quickly made the difference.”


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