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The perfect duo: Xsect Balance and Groundcover create an optimal climate in a Mexican greenhouse dedicated to tomato production

Aware of the challenges they face in terms of pest and weed control, El Chapoteadero, a greenhouse dedicated to tomato production in the state of Puebla, Mexico, has found in Svensson's climate solutions, such as the Xsect Balance and Groundcover, key elements to ensure the success of their operation. These climate solutions have proven to be highly effective, providing an optimal climate for crop growth.

El Chapoteadero, a greenhouse located in the state of Puebla, Mexico, began operations in 2008 with the purpose of entering the market for tomato production and exportation.

The growth of this greenhouse has been based mainly on its sustainable and innovative approach, both in the design of the greenhouses and in its cultivation methods. They have migrated from soil cultivation to the use of coconut substrate (hydroponics) to meet the increasing demands of the exportation market.

Among the short-term projects, El Chapoteadero is looking to diversify the variety of its crops. Instead of focusing mainly on the production of beefsteak tomatoes, they are now moving into the production of grape and TOV (Tomatoes On The Vine) tomatoes. This strategy is essential to meet changing demands of the consumers and ensure the growth and profitability of the company.

To achieve this growth, it has also been necessary to implement the best climate solutions. Svensson's experience and technology have played a fundamental role at El Chapoteadero in helping to improve the climatic conditions inside the greenhouses. Xsect Balance and Groundcover have been key elements for pest and weed control.

In a recent visit to El Chapoteadero, we had the opportunity to talk with Engineer Jaime Roque, who is in charge of the operation, and he shared with us information about the climate solutions that Svensson has provided in recent years and how the production has improved with these climate solutions.

"Our first experience with Svensson was using Groundcover. We obtained excellent results in terms of the product durability and its outstanding characteristics that have helped in the operation. This led us to explore other products that could strengthen our strategies, to achieve our goals and meet the demands of our customers," says Jaime.

At El Chapoteadero, they faced one of the most significant challenges: the presence of whiteflies, a pest that represents a threat to the tomato crop by negatively affecting its quality and yield. In addition, in the area where the greenhouse is located, the white fly is characterized for its high virosis potential, making the problem even bigger.

Jaime told us that they were aware that there was an area where insect control nets could be applied to alleviate this problem.

"Crop losses due to viruses and the constant, costly applications were the critical conditions that led us to make the decision to try Svensson's Xsect Balance nets. Despite having a higher price, we were attracted to the promise of being highly effective in the exclusion of pests, without sacrificing the greenhouse airflow," Jaime tells us.

Jaime told us the following about the results obtained in the trial:

"First, we decided to test Xsect Balance nets in one of our modules, and the results we obtained were very positive. We observed a decrease in the presence of pests, and an increase in airflow inside the greenhouse. These results led us to make the decision to replace all the nets in the remaining modules." says Jaime Roque, El Chapoteadero.

Currently, two greenhouses at El Chapoteadero are being renovated, and they will be fully equipped with Xsect Balance.

Jaime concludes the interview with the following sentence:

"Xsect Balance has a high value for the company's operation, especially because it has supported the reduction of pests in the greenhouses while also reducing the costs of applications and losses due to fruits and plants with viruses. This justifies the investment made in Xsect Balance nets.

Pest control in greenhouses is a constant challenge, but with the guidance of our climate experts, growers can be confident in finding effective solutions. Our consultants have the knowledge and experience necessary to find climate solutions to the specific needs of each greenhouse, crop, and geographical location.

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