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Greenhouse trials reveal the efficiency of Svensson's insect control screens against thrips

In order to find a solution to the thrips control problem, Gomalor, a greenhouse dedicated to the production of peppers, located in Tuxpan, Jalisco, decided to conduct trials with Svensson's insect control nets, during the 2022-2023 production cycle. The main objective was to maintain an optimal climate inside the greenhouse, without significant variations, while improving pest control, especially against thrips. Based on the positive results obtained during the trials, for the 2023-2024 cycle, Gomalor made the decision to fully equip its new expansion with Svensson climate solutions.

Samuel del Toro, José Morán & Héctor Parra at Gomalor

Samuel del Toro, José Morán & Héctor Parra at Gomalor

General Manager: Samuel del Toro
Production Manager: José Morán
Company: Gomalor
Crop: Peppers
Location: Tuxpan, Jalisco, México
Challenge: Thrips
Svensson Solution: Xsect X-air, Xsect Xtra, Xsect Balance & Solarwoven

17 years ago, in Tuxpan, Jalisco, an area known for its hot climate with temperatures reaching 34°C during the hottest months, Gomalor, a company dedicated to the production of peppers in greenhouse, started with a 2-hectare greenhouse. After an expansion that began in 2011, Gomalor currently has a total area of 9.2 hectares.

In addition to pepper production, Gomalor also produces berries and avocados, which are highly popular crops in the region. However, just like many other crops, they are also vulnerable to pests, making the pepper crops even more vulnerable because of their proximity.

A high incidence of thrips can have a negative impact on pepper production, reducing both yield and crop quality. With the aim of finding a solution to this problem, Samuel Del Toro, General Manager, and José Morán, Production Manager, made the decision to conduct trials with Svensson's Xsect insect control nets, with the support and guidance from Svensson's climate consultant for LATAM, Héctor Parra. The trial was conducted last year and the purpose was to evaluate the following benefits:

  • The temperature inside the greenhouse
  • Air flow inside
  • Reduction of thrips entry

We recently had the opportunity to visit Gomalor, where Samuel Del Toro and José Morán shared the results of the trials that used Svensson's nets. The most remarkable result was that, compared to the previous cycle, the entry of thrips decreased by up to 50%. Based on this and other results, Gomalor made the decision to implement Svensson's solutions in its new expansion for the 2023-2024 cycle. But before going into details about the results, it is important to explain how the trials were conducted.

Trials were conducted in three different greenhouses during the 2022-2023 cycle, each one with different configurations.

One of the trials was conducted in Greenhouse #6, which was built in 2022 as part of an expansion. Xsect X-air was installed around the perimeter, and Xsect Balance was installed on the zenith windows to provide additional protection. The main objective of this trial was to evaluate the level of protection provided by Svensson's nets against thrips, while ensuring an optimal climate inside the greenhouse.

During the same cycle, another test was conducted in Greenhouse #3 with a different configuration. Xsect Xtra was installed on the lateral and on the front of this greenhouse, which is characterized for having the highest incidence of thrips due to its proximity to the berry and avocado fields.

The third trial took place in Greenhouse #4, where only Xsect Xtra was installed on the front of the greenhouse. The main objective of this test was to evaluate the impact of the Svensson's nets on the temperature and airflow inside.​

The trials conducted during the 2022-2023 cycle show promising results

The results of the trials in the 2022-2023 cycle were as follows:​​

  • Based on monitoring and control, this year the entry of thrips decreased by 50% compared to previous years, says José Morán
  • In Greenhouse #3, where there is the highest incidence of thrips, better pest control was demonstrated
  • Crop quality improved because there is no pest damage
  • Compared to previous cycles, this cycle ended with 85-90% of healthy plants
  • Thanks to the improved insect control in Greenhouse #6, which was completely equipped with Svensson's solutions, there were significant savings in applications. José mentioned that during the trial year applications decreased by 30%
"The results we obtained from the trial cycle we carried out with Svensson's nets were satisfactory, and this year we are implementing a new greenhouse that will be 100% equipped with Svensson's climate solutions.”. Samuel del Toro, General Manager Gomalor.

Based on the results of the trials, it has been decided that the new expansion, which will start its production in the 2023-2024 cycle in Greenhouse 7, will be fully equipped with Svensson's nets, with Xsect X-air installed on the zenith windows, the laterals, and one front side, and Xsect Xtra installed on the other front side of the greenhouse. Additionally, the insect control nets were confected along with our Solarwoven cover.

Regarding the decision to confect the insect control net with Solarwoven, José comments the following:  

"Thanks to the decision to confect the net along with Solarwoven, the installation work was easier, which provides operational and structural advantages, as it is easier to handle once installed."

It is also important to mention that, compared to the previous cycle, this cycle showed a more vigorous plant. "Previously, in certain weeks, the plant showed a more withered appearance, but in the end, as predicted, an additional week of production was achieved, thanks to a combination of different variables, including Svensson's nets," comments José.

Samuel and Jose give the following advice to growers operating in an area with a similar climate and with a thrips challenge:

“While the cost of the nets differs from other products, we have seen a significant difference in results. Try the nets to test that the product works and works well,” Samuel shares with us. To this Jose adds:

“During the trials, strategically place the nets in the area where you have the highest incidence of thrips, either in the front or on the lateral, and observe the results.”

Samuel ends the interview with the following sentence: "As customers, it was a very satisfactory result, we will continue working and evaluating new products from Svensson".

It is important to mention that trial results may vary depending on the specific conditions of each crop and geographical location. It is highly recommended to seek expert advice, our climate consultants have the knowledge and experience to help you optimize your greenhouse climate with Svensson's climate solutions.

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