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Agro Orchids achieves an optimal climate for Orchid cultivation in Costa Rica with Svensson's climate screens

Agro Orchids Costa Rica, a family-owned company dedicated to the production of Phalaenopsis Orchids, has successfully overcome climate challenges through the strategic implementation of Svensson's climate screens: Tempa, Luxous, Obscura, and Harmony. With over 15 years of experience, these screens have become key elements in creating an optimal climate within their greenhouses and growing orchids of the highest quality.

Company: Agro Orchids Costa Rica
Crop: Phalaenopsis Orchids
Location: San Ramón & Zarcero de Alajuela, Costa Rica
Challenge: Energy savings & Cumulative internal radiation gain
Svensson Solution: Tempa, Luxous, Obscura & Harmony

In the 1980s, Rodolfo Gil, current owner of Agro Orchids Costa Rica, began his career in the horticultural world with sugarcane projects alongside his brothers. Later, he decided to venture into the world of orchids.

It was in 2006 when Agro Orchids Costa Rica, located in the cities of San Ramón and Zarcero de Alajuela, began operations with the production of Phalaenopsis Orchids. The objective was to supply the U.S., Latin American and Caribbean markets, while preserving the environment and being socially responsible with the community.

Over the years, this company has faced different climate challenges, from months with cold nights to summers with high temperatures and low humidity, factors that impact orchid production, demanding innovative climate solutions to maintain the quality of the flowers.

Climate challenges in orchid cultivation

To grow orchids of the highest quality, it is essential to understand the specific needs of these flowers. For instance, orchids require a maximum light intensity of 75-200W/m², avoiding light peaks exceeding 280 µmoles/m². They should be kept at a greenhouse temperature within a range of 27.5-29°C during the day and not less than 27 °C at night. Additionally, it is important to maintain relatively high humidity levels, around 60-70%.

However, Agro Orchids faced certain challenges:

  • They needed a solution to achieve greater energy savings due to the use of heating during the nights.
  • There was also the challenge of maximizing the cumulative light gain during the day (PAR light).

Looking for a solution to these problems, the decision was made to install Tempa, Luxous, Obscura and Harmony screens due to their technical characteristics, quality and durability. For more than 15 years, these climate screens from Svensson have helped Agro Orchids grow orchids of the highest quality to meet market demands.

Optimal temperatures on cold nights with Tempa and Obscura

To maintain the temperature needed for orchids to grow during the months with cold nights, Agro Orchids implemented a heating system, which resulted in high energy costs. The solution to this challenge came with the installation of Tempa and Obscura screens, with the latter standing out for its ability to retain heat during the colder nights.

The strategic combination of Tempa and Obscura screens has not only significantly contributed to heat retention, but has also proven to be an effective strategy for achieving energy savings, reducing heating consumption by up to 30%.

Growing the most beautiful orchids in summer

In the summer months, high temperatures and low humidity presented a new challenge for Agro Orchids. Looking for a solution, a new strategy was implemented to optimize the cumulative PAR light. Harmony and Luxous screens played a crucial role by allowing orchids to achieve higher cumulative PAR without compromising the greenhouse temperature. The key lies in maintaining a cool climate and appropriate light intensity at specific times of the day, thus counteracting the negative effects of high temperatures and excessive radiation.

The strategic combination of Harmony and Luxous screens has proven to be highly beneficial. With the increase in cumulative internal radiation, a significant increase in PAR light of over 10% has been achieved, directly contributing to the growth of healthy and higher-quality orchids. In addition, the implementation of Tempa and Harmony screens resulted in an effective decrease in leaf and flower temperature of up to 2°C.

Finally, Engineer Gustavo Montero Mora from Agro Orchids, emphasizes that due to the high quality and exceptional durability of Svensson's climate screens, the company aims to replace the screens when they reach the end of their useful life, as it is an investment that pays off over time.

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