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Grower Profile:

Company: Aibida
Location: Yinchuan, Ningxia 

Greenhouse: 6 Ha Glass Venlo
Crop: Pot mini rose

Climate needs: Maximize energy-saving and prevent intense light in summer
Svensson solution: Obscura 10070 WB+BW, Luxous 1347 FR, Harmony 6520 O

Effective screening reduces energy cost of flower greenhouse

Aibida was founded in 2014 by a young group with an international education background. They make an effort to introduce advanced equipment and technology of horticulture from Europe and, most importantly, adapt it to the local situation. Besides providing high-quality flower products to the Chinese flora market, they are willing to improve the flora chain.

Popular pot mini rose

Cooperating with European flora breeding companies, Aibida is growing roses, gerbera, orchids, and produce seedlings. Pot mini roses are one of the popular products due to their lovely appearance and longer lifespan. In 2017, Aibida invested in a 6 Ha intelligence glass greenhouse in Yinchuan for producing pot mini roses, together with another production site in Baofeng, Yunnan. The yield and quality are guaranteed by introducing Dutch advanced equipment, growing technology, and logistic automation system. 

Energy-saving with supplemental light 

The winter is freezing in Yinchuan; the minimum temperature can drop to -20℃ at night. From October, the heating and lighting system of the greenhouse is in use. During the coldest period, the energy cost is around 40% of the total running cost. How to save more energy with current equipment is vital to increase profit. At the greenhouse design phase, Aibida took the Svensson climate consultant's advice to install two types of energy-saving screens. One is the double layer Obscura screen and Luxous. The general manager of Aibida Yinchuan, Mr. Cai, told us that this screen effectively reduced the heating cost. Furthermore, the screen's white inner side reflects the light into the greenhouse, enhancing the supplemental lighting prevents light pollution to surroundings.


Balancing temperature and light

During cold winter days with low light, a highly transmissive Luxous screen can help create a pleasant climate for crops together with supplemental light. 'For us, on the one hand, we need to make full use of resources like natural light and reduce energy cost with equipment, while on the other hand, we are willing to cost to create a better climate for increasing crop yield and quality.' Mr. Cai explained.

Every m3 counts

Energy-saving is also crucial for flower growers in Yunnan province. In Baofeng, Mr. Peng, co-founder of Aibida, told us, "Every m3 gas consumption counts. Through analyzing the year's energy cost and efficiency, Aibida is trying to maximize energy-saving under the premise of ensuring the quality of the flower. We have a different energy-saving screen and different screen strategies to cope with crop growth changes and seasons. Compared to the past, we can save more energy through Svensson screens; it is a wonderful result for us!"


Diffuse light in summer

Facing intense radiation in summer, Aibida decided to install one Harmony shading screen layer to improve the greenhouse climate. Besides soft and homogenous light, the flowers benefit from lower plant temperature and less stress. 

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