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Floricultura Brazil

Grower Profile:
Camila Heuser

Location: Holambra – Sao Paolo – Brazil

Crop: Orchids Phalaenopsis

Greenhouse: 4,000 m2 multi-tunnel greenhouse

Climate Needs: Reduction of solar radiation, Conservation of energy,

Svensson Solution: Reduction of solar radiation with Solaro 7920 O E WB, conservation of energy with Obscura 10070 FB, reduce temperature inside the greenhouse with Tempa 7567 D FR, better light quality with Tempa 7597 D FR

Climate screens guarantee the production of orchids to the Brazilian market

Floricultura BV, one of the leading global market suppliers of young orchid plants supplies growers throughout the world with millions of orchids and anthurium plants each year from their production facilities and greenhouse operations spread across multiple continents.

Floricultura BV’s roots began in Netherlands in the 1930’s and have since expanded to include subsidiaries in India, the United States and most recently Brazil.

In order to more efficiently provide customers throughout South America with young plants, the company officially established Floricultura Orchidaceae in Holambra, Brazil in 2014. In June of 2018 the operation opened its third greenhouse operation outside of Europe in Holambra, Sao Paolo.

Floricultura’s Brazilian site includes 3,000 m2 greenhouse and a 1000 m2 service area for the climate control and commercialization of Phalaenopsis orchids seedlings imported from the Netherlands.

“All the details of the greenhouse were designed to allow for the production of high-quality orchids in a sustainable manner that’s driven by climate, energy and water control technologies” says Camila Heuser, Agronomist and manager of Floricultura Brazil, when talking about the company’s new Brazilian site. “The project was designed by our parent company, who has over 80 years of orchid production experience, and was executed together with industry professionals from Brazil and the Netherlands.”

To create the perfect climate conditions, the Holambra greenhouse relies on Svensson screens to optimize temperature, light, and humidity conditions as well as maximizing energy savings.

Solaro 7920 O E WB, an external, mobile reflective shade screen is utilized to reduce temperatures and control excessive sunlight. Inside the greenhouse, two screens are used to further regulate the growing climate: Obscura 10070 FB A and Tempe 7567 D FR aluminum. These screens provide enhanced energy savings and climate control. The Obscura and Tempa screens are designed with Svensson’s Flame Retardant (FR) and Firebreak (FB) fire safety technologies.

With Svensson’s greenhouse climate screens, Floricultura BV is able to create the ideal growing conditions they require for producing a wide range of orchids delivered to growers throughout South America.



Svensson Climate Solutions

Dual thermal control

Ultimate solar protection

Solaro 7920 O E WB

Light restriction to total blackout

Obscura 10070 FB A

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