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Ven Flor

Grower Profile:
Leandro Fachola
Production Manager

Location: Holambra, Brazil

Crop: Ornamentals, flowers and foilage

Greenhouse: 50,000 m2 multi-tunnel greenhouse with a plastic cover, an aerial window, and insect control screens on the sides with Solarwoven confectioned as a baseboard

Climate Needs: A cooler climate with better quality light.

Svensson Solution: Solar radiation reduction, lower temperatures and humidy control with TEMPA 6562 D

Climate control with adequate light

Located in Brazil, Ven Flor is a flourishing operation dedicated to the production of more than 20 different types of ornamental crops, including various species of Orchids, Palms, Zamioculcas, and Chrysanthemums which primarily are sold to the Brazil market - a market that continues to face increasing demand for high-quality plants.

Ven Flor, which started as a small 250m2 greenhouse when it first opened its doors in 1978, is a family partnership operating over 200,000 square meters of greenhouses, with the help of the company’s 180+ employees.

Located in Holambra, a city whose name stands for "a piece of Holland in Brazil", is a city with a rich tradition in flower production, primarily due to the towns Dutch ancestors who settled in the area during the middle of the last century, mainly because of its competitive costs, location, and the fairly moderate climate. Even with a warm temperate climate, the ability to meet the growing market demands for the many different varieties Ven Flor is known for brings about diverse climate challenges.

High temperatures and light management were a big concern at the companies Holambra location, which produces Phalaenopsis, Dendrobium and Spathiphyllum in a 5 Ha poly house.

To combat such challenges certain factors had to be taken into consideration and being that Ven Flor is a company that is concerned about the environment and follows strict environmentally-friendly policies, they saw the need to install more active shading and climate control systems.

Tempa 6562 D, an aluminum screen at the 65% shade level was selected for its dual capabilities to shade & cool, and help save energy. "Even though we have heating systems and damp walls, our Tempa screens create a climate that's better distributed throughout the greenhouse, ultimately allowing us to have more effective climate control within the greenhouse," says Ven Flor production manager, Leandro Fachola.

"The Tempa screen not only creates more even temperatures, but it also gives us more precise control over the amount of light we want the plants to receive, at the exact moment we need it. We've had so much success with the Tempa screens we're now evaluating the possibility of installing a second layer of screens with a different shade level to have a higher precision of accuracy that's even more suited to the needs of the plant," concludes Leandro.

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