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Grower Profile:
Pharis Rico

José Hernández

Location: Tuxpan, México

Crops: Grafted seedlings for tomato, bell pepper, melon and watermelon crops

Greenhouse: 1.5 Hectares - Plastic greenhouse

Climate Needs: Greenhouse temperature control with total inscet exclusion

Svensson Solutions: TEMPA 7567 D,  reflects sunlight and diffuses the light to keep the greenhouse cool and avoid overheating of plants

ECONET 1535, insect control screen for keeping harmful insects outside the greenhouse and useful insects inside with maximum ventilation 

Manipulation of climatic conditions for each type of grafted seedling

The production of grafted vegetable seedlings requires absolute protection against insects, and above all, to be able to create the right climate conditions for each type of crop. Because each plant is best developed at different temperatures and intensities of light, being able to have the flexibility to manipulate climate conditions to the maximum in the greenhouse is a critical factor for the timely germination of different crops.

For Plantanova, a high-tech operation of 1.5 hectares producing grafted seedlings for tomatoes, peppers, watermelons and melons, having temperature control screens and high-porosity insect control screens is essential to meet the innocuity demands of their customers in a timely manner.

In this video, we present the experience that Pharis Rico, general manager of Plantanova and José Hernández grower of the operation, have had using Svensson’s Tempa temperature control screens and the Econet 1535 insect control screens, to optimize climate management in the greenhouse with a total exclusion of insects.

"The difference between having or not having our Svensson screens is really black and white, they even provide us with the abilitiy to make a crop either more vegetative or more generative, which makes a big difference"

Svensson Climate Solutions

Insect control with maximum airflow

Econet 1535

Dual thermal control

Tempa 7567 D

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