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Grower Profile:
Wim Doorn
Owner and manager

Crops: Cucumber

Location: Heerde, The Netherlands

Greenhouse: 1,5 ha

What climate is needed: Excellent growth climate with optimal light utilisation

Svensson's climate solution: Energy saving Luxous 1147 FR l Luxous 1347 FR climate screens

Excellent growth climate with optimal light utilisation

In 2015, the LUXOUS 1347 FR climate screen was installed at Tuinderij Doorn. Grower Wim Doorn was fed up with the AR foil in the winter. Every year again he had to ask himself the question: 'When should the AC foil be removed?' With his current double climate screen, this choice no longer has to be made.

Experiences with the current screens

You can always use the screen optimally to create the optimal climate. This was the perfect solution last winter. In January the weather was mild and sunny for two weeks, which is usually the time to remove the AC foil. Mid February it was dark and cold winter weather, fortunately Wim Doorn now had the choice to also use the second screen for an optimal climate.

In the meantime the old LS 10 screen cloth has been replaced by the new LUXOUS 1147 FR. This ensures maximum light transmission and optimal growth in the winter.

How the climate screen is used now, compared to the past

The climate screens are now being used every night, now that the nights are a bit cooler. The first climate screen, the LUXOUS 1347 FR, opens first, when the sun rises. The second screen opens 1.5 hours later. Especially in spring this gives a wonderful growing climate, because during that time the outdoor RH is even lower. "We open the screen later and close it earlier, we make a lot more screen hours than before". If the moisture rises a little too high, the screen is ventilated with the wind-side above, if this is not sufficient, the lee side is added. With regard to the settings in the climate computer, this often requires some searching to achieve the desired result.

Challenges for the coming years.

The goal is to get the gas consumption below 30m3m2/year with the current screens. In recently built greenhouses this has already been achieved, but in existing greenhouses this is still a challenge, according to Wim Doorn. He also wants to use the anti-radiation screens more often in the summer. The experiences from Next Generation Growing are positive, and he therefore wishes to get to work on that. He also wants crop advisers to 'feel more at home' with the know-how of Het Nieuwe Telen, so that the insights gained at the various companies can be shared faster and results can be achieved sooner.

"We open the screen later and close it earlier, we make a lot more screen hours than before"

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