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Under a beautiful snow mountain in Lijiang China, 35ha high-tech greenhouses were built from 2019 for cut rose and calla production. Thanks to the unique geo-climate condition, advanced production facilities, and special cultivars, the flowers grown here are stunning which contributes to the charm of the brand ‘丽江の花’ (Lijiang Flower).

An ideal greenhouse environment

Nemo Yang, Technical consultant of Lijiang modern flower industry park told us, substrate cultivation and advanced climate control system are adopted to create ideal greenhouse environment for crops, eventually to realize higher flower yield and quality. “The D/N temperature difference is large and the sun radiation is rich which benefits rose cultivation in Lijiang. However, we have to consider maximum energy saving especially facing low temperature at winter nights. Double layer Svensson thermal screens are installed to reduce the energy cost for both day and night. Another challenge is solar protection. From April, the solar radiation becomes stronger and fluctuates frequently and intensively. We do need a shading solution to create more homogenous and stable light environment in the greenhouse.”

Just after the innovative PARperfect solution launched in China market, Nemo contacted Svensson to get more information. Then it came with the first PARperfect project in China. “There is 5 ha PARperfect patent screen Harmony 2047 FR installed here as bottom layer. Sensitive rose cultivars which need more solar protection are grown under this screen. We can feel the light become soft and even when this screen is in position.”

Stable light levels

Neo Wei, who is in charge of greenhouse climate control comments positively: “ We can control the light more flexibly and accurately through the combination of double layer of screens. We used to decide when to shade and how much to shade according to the outside radiation. Together with Svensson climate expert, now we can control the light based on PAR sensor data. The screen position varies following change of outside condition, which lead to more stable light level in the greenhouse. With this smart way, higher PARsum is obtained each day compared to the ‘old’ shading method, resulting in better plant growth.”

Nemo summarized: “Higher flower quality demand from consumers drives growers to do better job. Besides investing in advanced equipment, it is necessary for us to try innovative solutions and get new knowledge by ourselves from practice. We hope more flower growers will implement PARperfect in their greenhouse. The value of climate screens can be realized with knowledge support from Svensson. Together with them, we believe a better tomorrow!”

Grower Profile

Company: Lijiang Modern Flower industry Park
Crop: Cut roses, cut calla
Location: Lijiang, Yunnan
Greenhouse: Total 35ha Venlo glass
Climate needs: Maximize energy-saving, optimize light control
Svensson solution: Tempa 8672 D, Luxous Light FR.
5 Ha PARperfect solution

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