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Van Paassen reaps the benefits of PARperfect year-round

Chrysanthemum grower Fred van Paassen has equipped his new 4-hectare greenhouse with a PARperfect climate screen.

"It is an extra tool for us to control the crop properly," says Jan van Paassen, who made the well-considered choice for the new screen. "We are delighted with that screen fabric."

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Plantanova, an example of how sustainability is the key for the business

Sustainability is a topic that every day is gaining more and more importance and interest in different industries and sectors, and the horticulture industry is definitely not the exception. An example of this is Plantanova, a producer of grafted seedlings for tomatoes, peppers, watermelons, and melons. Pharis Rico, General Manager of Plantanova, talks about sustainability in the horticulture industry in Mexico.

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Svensson strengthens after sales and installation support in Mexico

At Svensson our main priority is to give the best support to our customers, and our new After Sales Engineer in Mexico, will help you to get the most out of your climate screen.

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