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With Xsect Xtra, Inveragro eliminates pests while creating an ideally humid climate for pepper growth

Inveragro, located in the valley of San Felipe, Guanajuato and known for its tradition of producing and drying chili peppers, was having problems with pest control and humidity levels inside the greenhouse. With Xsect Xtra, they were able to reduce the entry of thrips by 50%, while increasing their humidity by 15%, resulting in an ideal climate that promotes pepper growth.

Grower: Germán Sandoval Barba
Greenhouse company: Inveragro
Surface: 10 hectares
Climate: Semi-arid
Crop: Peppers
Location: San Felipe, Guanajuato
Challenge: Semi-arid climate and thrips
Svensson Solution: Xsect Xtra

Inveragro is a 10-hectare pepper greenhouse that started operations 3 years ago in the valley of San Felipe, Guanajuato, an area with different challenges for pepper growers due to its semi-arid climate and the presence of insects and pests such as whitefly, thrips and weevils.

Germán Sandoval Barba, grower at Inveragro, was looking for a climate solution that would help him face these challenges. A year ago he decided to try Xsect Xtra, resulting in the following benefits:

  • Humidity increased by 10%-15%.
  • 50% fewer thrips inside the greenhouses.
  • Savings on beneficial insects program.
  • Less money spent on pesticide and agrochemicals.
  • Reduction of powdery mildew inside the greenhouse.
  • The insect control net helped to control the budget for the year.

Ideal humid climate = healthier peppers

The pepper is a tropical crop that likes high humidity levels, ideally the humidity inside a pepper greenhouse should be between 60% and 80%.

During the summer months, humidity inside Inveragro was between 45% and 50%, and it was necessary to keep the windows closed, as a way to conserve humidity inside the greenhouse.

"Before installing Svensson’s insect control nets, I was worried that the temperature would rise too much and that it would affect the humidity. Once we tested the nets, the truth is that it was a very positive surprise the results that we had in terms of temperature and humidity", says Germán Sandoval

Unlike last year when the windows were practically closed, now with Xsect Xtra the windows are open between 20% and 30%, having a maximum temperature between 32 and 33 degrees. In addition, with Xsect Xtra the humidity inside the greenhouse increased between 10% and 15%, compared to last year, achieving an ideal humidity between 60% and 75%, which benefits the growth of peppers.

"I thought that I was going to experience disadvantages with this insect control net, because for me it was more important to sacrifice climate in order to reduce the entry of pests and insects. But to my surprise, I now have a better climate and fewer insects inside the greenhouse". Germán Sandoval.

Greenhouses with 50% fewer thrips

One of the biggest challenges for Germán is the entry of pests and one way to control this problem is through hermeticity. Inveragro has 4 full-time employees dedicated exclusively to supervise any failure in the hermeticity of the greenhouses. "When I started looking for options to improve our hermeticity, I discovered the Svensson insect control nets which would help us to improve our conditions", says Germán Sandoval.

Before installing Xsect Xtra, during the fifth week of the production cycle thrips were already seen inside the greenhouse and it was necessary to apply pesticides and/or agrochemicals prior to the release of the biological control. "Now I can release the biological control, we use Orius to control thrips, without pesticides and/or agrochemicals applications that could damage the biological control program," says Germán, “since the installation of Xsect Xtra, 50% fewer thrips have entered the greenhouse”.

Powdery mildew was another climate problem at Inveragro, and it was necessary to apply agrochemicals at least once a week. During the first year with Svensson’s insect control net, Germán continued with the same program, but no powdery mildew was found inside the greenhouse.

"I’ve already modified my program for this year. I’m only going to apply preventive products every 15 days, which reduces by 50% the cost of powdery mildew throughout the year, because now I have better climate conditions in terms of humidity, which is more controllable and promotes pepper growth".

Germán has also noticed improvements in the beneficial program used to control thrips, he used to have 4 Orius per square meter and this year he only has 3 orius per square meter, which means savings in this year's beneficials budget.

"What Xsect Xtra has given me is improved humidity, fewer pests, and reduced phytosanitary diseases."

Finally, Germán shared us the following advice for all pepper growers:

"I would tell growers who are afraid to try theses nets, not to be afraid. In the beginning I hesitated, but it is something that will help them, what it can generate in the climate is minimal and what it can help them in the phytosanitary issue is very broad, the net pays for itself".

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