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Insect control and light management key in the production of flowers in Mexico to celebrate the Day of the Dead 

Producing beautiful flowers to celebrate one of the most important traditions in Mexican culture, the Day of the Dead - is a job that requires effort, passion and talent. Oleoflor teamed up with Svensson to create the optimal greenhouse climate. 

"The legend says that flowers unite the world of the living with the underworld", with this phrase we were welcomed at Oleofor, by María Pérez Vázquez Aldana, General Manager. She explains how in the recent years, with the help of Svensson's climate solutions, they have been able to produce flowers with the highest quality to accompany Mexicans in the most important moments and celebrations, such as the Day of the Dead, "in Mexico, even death is celebrated with flowers", says María Pérez.



The Day of the Dead is a Mexican tradition that was born in Pre-Hispanic times, in which every year on November 2, the memory of all the loved ones who have passed away is honored. The Day of the Dead is a celebration full of flowers, colors, altars, food, and everything that reminds the memory of those loved ones who are no longer here.

The beginning of Oleoflor: The birth of a flower, is the beginning of an unforgettable story

With the dream of producing the most beautiful flowers in Mexico, Oleoflor was born in 2019. It is a 100% Mexican-owned company dedicated to the production of flowers, mainly roses, and other flowers such as tulips, orchids, ranunculus, gerberas, snapdragon, dahlias and lisianthus.

Oleoflor, located in La Manzanilla de la Paz, Jalisco, with the help of technology and the most talented people, seeks to continue growing to produce and deliver flowers with the highest quality to the most demanding markets. For María, flowers in all their varieties of colors and textures, are a gift from nature to help people express their feelings and emotions through a stem.

"In Mexico, flowers are always with us, from the moment we are born and until the last day of our lives" - María Pérez.

The challenges in the production of flowers

Producing high quality flowers requires people, optimal water conditions and a good nourished and fertilized soil, but above all, it requires the perfect climate conditions for plant growth.

The first challenge that Oleoflor faced was finding the technology that would help them to improve and develop the right climate conditions the plant needed in the area of La Manzanilla de la Paz, where a production of this scale had never been produced before.

"We realized that in order to produce the best flowers in Mexico, we needed the best allies, that is when we started working together with Svensson’s technology" - María Perez.

Svensson’s climate solutions help in the production of the highest quality flowers

In an area where high temperatures can rise during the spring, compared to winter, a good ventilation inside the greenhouse was needed for plant growth. "The improved ventilation proposed by Svensson was to install insect control nets, which provide a radical change in ventilation, compared to any other material", says María Pérez. In addition to having good ventilation, for Oleoflor it was also important to protect their flower crops against pests and insects:

"Thanks to the technology of the insect control nets, we have been able to keep out of the greenhouse all those insects and pests that damage the roses, especially thrips, it is a great tool because we do not sacrifice ventilation which is important during spring when the temperature is very high", María Perez.

With Svensson's Harmony climate screens, Oleoflor has also managed to have better control of light and temperature inside the greenhouse, in addition to energy savings on cold nights, all above thanks to the thermicity of the screens.

"I like working with Svensson because they accompany us to make decisions and solve the challenges that we face every day, they train us, they investigate with us and they have the climate solutions that make the day-to-day easier at Oleoflor", María Pérez.

Oleoflor is currently in an expansion process with the construction of 2 new greenhouses that will have Svensson climate solutions. "We have decided to partner with Svensson in our expansion because we are sure that they will lead us as they have always done, hand in hand, to control the climate conditions that we face" – María Pérez

Finally, María shared with us her experience at Oleflor and working with Svensson as a partner:

"I have learned that it is worth investing in technology, like Svensson’s climate screens, because they have brought us more benefits and have helped us to solve real problems. I would invest again in this technology that gives results that make a difference in our final product". María Pérez, General Manager Oleoflor

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