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Understanding basic principles of lighting and its effect on flower crops

When it comes to floral crop cultivation, the requirements vary for light. The most basic requirement is to reduce the light that the plant receives as needed, by shading, or to regulate the photoperiod. These are both relatively easy to achieve with the use of shading screens.

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Climate screens crucial to new greenhouse

A new 22 ha greenhouse complex in the East of England features the UK’s largest heat pump installation, showcasing how low carbon energy can facilitate sustainable high-tech food production. Climate screens are a crucial element in enabling the use of this renewable heat source, and also preventing light pollution from the supplementary lighting system.

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Climate screens Harmonise

Last year (2021), Addy Breugem, head grower at Thanet Earth Tomatoes, replaced half of the tomato crops’ original SON-T (HPS [high-pressure sodium] lights with LED lights. His motivation for switching to LED lights was to save energy – reducing Thanet Earth’s energy usage and becoming less reliant on the capricious energy market.

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With Xsect Xtra, Inveragro eliminates pests while creating an ideally humid climate for pepper growth

Inveragro, located in the valley of San Felipe, Guanajuato and known for its tradition of producing and drying chili peppers, was having problems with pest control and humidity levels inside the greenhouse. With Xsect Xtra, they were able to reduce the entry of thrips by 50%, while increasing their humidity by 15%, resulting in an ideal climate that promotes pepper growth.

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Insect control and light management key in the production of flowers in Mexico to celebrate the Day of the Dead

Producing beautiful flowers to celebrate one of the most important traditions in Mexican culture, the Day of the Dead - is a job that requires effort, passion and talent. Oleoflor teamed up with Svensson to create the optimal greenhouse climate. 

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