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A conversation with Jeannette den Boer

A drive for Sustainability: A Conversation with Arjan van Antwerpen

The son of a horticulturist with a passion for technology. In 1997, Arjan van Antwerpen joined the advisory branch and since 2007, he has been managing director and specialist at DLVge. Arjan is an inspired technical advisor with knowledge and extensive experience. His specialties in greenhouse horticulture? Energy, heating, and spatial development. He just happened to find himself an expert in the field of energy. "I didn't wake up one-morning thinking: I need to be in the energy corner. Something like that grows over time."

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Allegro Acres: An Industry Trailblazer in Sustainability

Allegro Acres, a family-owned and operated pepper greenhouse located in Ruthven, Ontario, has been trailblazing a path in sustainability and efficiency for over 20 years. Today, Gene Ingratta, President of Allegro Acres talks about what it means to be sustainable in horticulture, the challenges faced by growers in Canada, and the path to further reducing the environmental impact of growing.

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Welcome Hinova to the Svensson family!

From 2022-06-01 Svensson owns Hinova including its assets. Hinova will be part of
the Svensson group and act as an independent production and development company,
whereas all sales are performed as ClimaFlow by Svensson.

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A conversation with Jeannette den Boer

A conversation with Jeannette den Boer

"We cannot expect a grower to suddenly become an energy producer."

Since 2019, Jeannette has been a freelance project manager at Plant Empowerment. Plant Empowerment is a data-driven cultivation philosophy that leads to more sustainable and profitable cultivation by balancing the three key growth factors. Jeannette motivates and supports growers and investors worldwide to grow according to these principles. The goal is obvious: to make horticulture more sustainable. 

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Evenementen en beurzen

GreenTech 2022

Welcome at GreenTech Amsterdam - Stand 05.318

14 - 15 - 16 June | Amsterdam RAI

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