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Which Shading Is The Winner in Florida Trials?

Diffused light results in more active leaves and better usage of light. When it comes to shading, which type performs best in greenhouses? Two recent studies conducted in Florida set out to find the answer by comparing the properties of three 60 percent shades commonly used for nursery and greenhouse production.


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White is the New Black

Introducing HARMONY O E – the light-diffusing white shade screen proven to lower temperatures while allowing more light in.


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"Strong greenhouse effect for Svensson"

In a recent Interview with the Swedish Textile and Fashion Industry Association, Anders Ludvigson, owner and CEO of Svensson talks about the recent launch of new Harmony climate screens among other topics. "No other concept worldwide compares to the solution we've just launched."


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First Installation of New Harmony

After the successful launch of new Harmony at Horticulture Business Days in Gorinchem, the first screen has now been installed.


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Preventing energy radiation with Luxous energy screens

In the majority of cases energy screens are installed in order to reduce energy bills. Not only do energy screens help cut costs, they’re a useful tool that can influence the greenhouse climate.

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