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tis the season

'Tis the Season to Give Back! Svensson supports North Mecklenburg High School

There's no better time to give back than at the holiday season! For us at Svensson the holidays are about making a difference in the community and this season we were proud to show our support by donating and installing climate screens for local high school greenhouses.

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Bekker berries

A day on the road with Wouter de Jong

Wouter de Jong is the commercial director at Svensson. He supports screen installers who are looking for new screen systems for their customers.


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Bakker brothers Jordan

Bakker brothers: ‘more than just international’

West-Friesland is perhaps one of the most international regions in the Netherlands. Almost all seed distributors have offices, greenhouses, warehouses or R&D centres in the area and their seeds find their way to many other countries. 


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