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"Strong greenhouse effect for Svensson"

In a recent Interview with the Swedish Textile and Fashion Industry Association, Anders Ludvigson, owner and CEO of Svensson talks about the recent launch of new Harmony climate screens among other topics. "No other concept worldwide compares to the solution we've just launched."

Shorter growing cycles and more homogenous production without adding additional energy, irrigation or fertilizers. The textile company Svensson in Kinna, Sweden strengthens its global market leading position in greenhouse climate screen solutions with a new generation of products.

"After extensive research and development a winning concept has been developed into something even better, which will be beneficial for not only growers but also the environment", says Anders Ludvigson, president of the 129 year old family-run company which last year hit a new record.

This month Svensson launched a second generation of Harmony - a climate screen creating diffuse light which has achieved great international success for its ability to accelerate growth and increase the color intensity in flower growing.

"Diffused light diminishes shadows and spreads light deeper and more consistently into the crops. This new generation of Harmony screens diffuse light even better than before, further increasing growth rates and production times . A large Danish grower who tested the screen shortened the growth cycle from twelve to ten weeks. He was pleasantly surprised by the positive outcome. Our R&D team has done a really great job! Field tests show that plants in shade spots receive 32 percent more light with this new version. And just as before Harmony reflects solar radiation, creates a cooler climate and helps prevent burning on top of the plant", says Anders.

A turnover of over 600 MSEK in 2015 was a new all-time high for Ludvig Svensson. Even the interior textile division, with a share of 30 percent, increased. The business area, which was once the foundation of the company is divided into categories which include upholstery fabrics, curtains and solar control . By transferring many of the technical achievements of the climate screens to solar control fabrics Ludvig Svensson has become a popular choice amongst property owners where Svensson's products contribute to both a better working environment and lower energy consumption.

The trend remains strong for Ludvig Svensson in 2016, but Anders is hesitant to speculate about the full-year results as the situation of the world economy is too uncertain. His beliefs in new Harmony however are very strong.

"Even when we launched the first version the concept it was revolutionary for its ability to accelerate growth and create more homogeneous crops. With sales of over fifty million last year, the product has established itself as one of our most important. Taking the next step with an even better version increases our competitiveness. No other concept in the world compares to the solution we are now launching."

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